Monday, September 19, 2011

What a weekend at the Heritage Festival in Columbia, MO

It was a wet 2 days, more rain and cold on Saturday than Sunday. We had a good show and lots of great comments. I didn't get to walk around much since I am the Blacksmith's cashier. However I gave my camera to my daughter in law and she provided me with a few shots.

Our booth.

 The cowboy tells his stories of life back then.

The history of the Nifong park.

The tin maker was a awesome craftsman.

The soap maker.

The Maplewood home.


Jeremy helps the boys with stilt walking.

The kids listening to the magician.

Jeremy and Lizzie

The grandsons try their hand at milking the cow.

Lizzie had her face painted.

Alex made a car.

Brady made a car too.

For more pictures visit My loves, My life.

Guess I had the last word.


Karen said...

What a great event, I would have frequented the soap makers tent!

Ellen said...

Glad you enjoyed it, sorry about the weather! Our church had a fish fry (all outdoors) that same Saturday, it was cold and wet!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Wish I could have gone, it looks like fun in spite of the weather. We're having some gorgeous weather now, enjoy!

Nezzy said...

Just as you should!!!

It looks like a wonderful event, too bad it was so rainy but it was a rain badly needed in our neck of the Ozarks.

I'm quite smitten with the tin makers ware! Beautiful!

God bless ya sweetie and have a terrific day!!! :o)

GerryART said...

Seems everyone enjoyed the day.

Too bad the weather was - well, typical mid-MO weather.

No doubt a better turn out would have resulted if the weather held off.


Zoey said...

I remember walking on stilts. It was such fun!

Too bad the weather was so poor. It looks like a fun event.

Did you buy any of those tin cookie cutters?

Flat Creek Farm said...

In spite of the nasty weather, it was a very nice event. We enjoyed it!! I think I finally warmed back up -- today :0) -T
p.s. Lizzy is too adorable.