Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hannibal and Perry Missouri shopping

The trip in our Casita last week provided us with some fun shopping. Perry, Missouri had many antique shops, even if it took us two trips to find them all open.

We didn't buy anything at Lick Creek Antiques, but it was fun looking in there. It was an old mercantile building, tin ceiling, balconies, and all. The owner obviously loves textiles.  He had some of the oldest lace, clothing, trims, and shoes I had ever seen. It was like walking into a late 1800's shop.  Wonderful things!

In Perry we also found these antique fiesta ware bowls. Now if you are into fiesta ware, you will know the original colors do not match the new colors with the same name. Thank goodness, because otherwise I might have had to spend $180 on the big bowl only, to match the daughter's set. NOT!

I even found a relative's business. My grandmother Cardwell was a Hickman. I have never met this Hickman, but his brother and I have communicated via email for years.  We are 3rd cousins once or twice removed, I don't know how that whole removed thing works????

Now this is what I am talking about!! Ben Franklin 5 and Dime store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a treat it was to go up and down the isles in there.

Look at the FABRIC!

And the reproduction feed sack fabric. To die for!?!?!?!

I even found this candolier for $1 in the sidewalk sale bin.

One afternoon we went to downtown Hannibal and I came upon Hickory Stick Quilt shop.

I had been looking for this Christmas panel and they had it.

Across the street was Mark Twain's home place.

We walked into 3 area restaurants before deciding on this one. We were the only table with customers for most of our meal. In honor of my daughter and my cousin in law Rita, I had toasted ravioli.

A cobalt blue fruit bowl I found in one of the shops for $5.

The new non-electric tater masher I had been looking for came home with me.

We are really into cast iron skillets. What a set we found here! None came home with us, as we are in search of a Wagner #11, most of these were Griswold.

Remember the lamb molds that keep multiplying, this one did not make it home with us. It too was a Griswold and the price tag of $195 was way too steep for us!

Just a fun few days in Florida, Paris, Mexico, Perry, and Monroe City; all in Missouri.


Annie Jones said...

Ok. My ring I told you about definitely came from Lick Creek Antiques. You described the place to a "T".

Your trip sounds almost identical to the one we took a few years ago, except we didn't stop at the Ben Franklin. Where was it? I was trying to remember a while back which town I saw it in, but couldn't.

Zoey said...

I have not been in a Ben Franklin in years. I sounds like you had a great time and found a treasure or two. Whenever I make mashed spuds, I use my old potato masher like the the one you bought.

Flat Creek Farm said...

You made me homesick for Perry.. we must go back there soon (not that it's far away or anything.. lol!). When PW & I lived there, we rented a cute little yellow house up the street from Hickman's IGA. There were tennis courts a block or so over in the City Park that you could put change in to have it lit up at night! I also remember riding my bicycle all over town, both as a grown-up 'old' married lady and also as a child visiting my Grandma Winfree there. Oh the memories. Lick Creek is my fave, and so is Hannibal. I love that Christmas panel, and your other finds!! Another great tour, and alas.. I'm behind on blogging. again. no surprise :D -Tammy

Nancy said...

Hey...we have a Hickman's down the road and we are using Cardwells to move us to our new house...Does that make us third cousins twice removed? lol

Didn't you LOVE Hickory Stick? That's one my "local" shops now.. it's only about a 1/2 hour away!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Looks like a fun trip. I haven't been to Hannibal in years. Love that cobalt blue bowl! Have a good weekend.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love Ben Franklin! I used to go to the one in Jeff City with mother - miss her and our trips there so much. blessings, marlene

Jeri Landers said...

Patti, What a fantastic town for antiquing! A Ben Franklin Store, oh that brings back memories... just like the old Woolworth's. There aren't many around these days.
About your Noah Collection, I got in on that 1980's era by creating 2 different papercutttings of Noah. They are sold out these many years later. We are reprinting one this year, however. I think people still love them. My first line of fabric with Andover was a Noahs Ark!

Val said...

Now this looks like a fun trip!!!

Deanna said...

Jim and I were talking about the Ben Franklin on Missouri Blvd. just the other day. I still miss that store after all these years!

I never had a tater masher until recent years, when I inherited my MIL's. I have no idea how I ever did without one!

I can't imagine why you didn't add to your lamb mold collection...

Mark Hickman said...

Hi Cousin,

Great blog. The Lick Creek Antiques building is the original location of Dad's store, from 1959 to 1968. There used to be a department store in the building and the top floor was full of old store relics. It was a great playground for a curious kid.