Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hodge podge

It's been one of those days when it feels like you go two steps forward and one step backwards.  It all started with not a good night of sleep.  I hope tonight is better.

One good thing is maybe, just maybe, Ms. Lizzie will become a quilter.  Today she took some of the blocks I have been working on for her quilt.  She was matching the fabrics.  So cute.  She loves fabric.


Not my house, it's the neighbors.  The blacksmith was involved in helping.  I was there for moral support.  Ha!  Not! 

The blacksmith thought I should do a trial run on the Easter cake.  At one point I was laughing out loud!  I can't even ice a flat cake with canned icing.  So this was a stretch for me.  It was a cooked icing.  I really think it's what my Mom use to call 7 minute frosting. 

This is my new ride.  Our last lawn mower served us well for many years.  I hope this one does too.

I have been looking for Crocs.  So yesterday, while at Tractor Supply waiting for the new mower to be serviced, I found these.  (See our peas, they are coming up nicely!)

They are sloggers.  My friend  Karen got a pair yesterday too! 

That's all for now.  See, I told you it was a hodge podge!


GerryART said...

We had heavy rain and hail Wednesday night/Tuesday morning - 2.25"
Hip-Hip-Hurrah ! ! ! !
I have clear Sloggers for the garden and striped sox.

Doreen said...

You look wonderful in/on your new 'convertible'! Mowing lawn is one of the things I do enjoy doing, although I certainly love a fresh shower after finishing. Am so thankful for riding mowers!!!!! Your 'Sloggers' are like mine, only mine are "Daffy Duck" yellow. I got them several years ago on clearance and my DH just shakes his head when I go out with them on, usually with the required(?) striped sox. I think I do this just as a tease, now!LOL! We have a reasonably large garden that we say will be down-sized 'next year'....not happened, yet! Rained last night, here, so no out-doors stuff today. So green it almost hurts the eyes....gorgeous, love it! Hugs, Doreen

Annie said...

Lizzie looks so cute with her fabric!

I also wear Crocs (knock-offs) in the garden. They just make more sense than any other kind of shoes when you're out there in the dirt and mud.

Zoey said...

Oh, I bet you would be so pleased if Lizzie became a quilter!

Love the new ride.

I looked all over town last year for Crocs and could not find them. I finally ordered 3 pairs from
Amazon. So I am set for while.
I find them to be very comfy to wear around the house.

I have never heard of Sloggers. You will have to let us know if you like them.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Love the cake - I've never tired something like that and if I did it would probably be headless. :) blessings, marlene

Deanna said...

Lizzy has a great role model!

Love your new ride! (translate that to jealous)

The bluebells we dug up last year came back! We swore they died! So pretty!

No garden here yet. Probably just tomatoes again.

That cake doesn't look anything like my lambs... lol. Now I'm glad you have those molds and I don't. I'm pretty challenged when it comes to stuff like that.

Tipper said...

Oh I love the little quilter : ) And the cake is adorable too!