Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Phyllis' quilt

If you go back to my January 1st post titled New Beginning's you will read about how I  became the quilter for Phyllis' quilt. 

This quilt was absolutely a joy to quilt.  I put way more quilting in it than necessary, as that is what Phyllis did to hers.

The only part that wasn't fun to quilt was the flame block! 

My hubby isn't only a talented blacksmith, he's a template design maker.   He made the template that I used in the solid yellow block.

The back is always fun to look at.  So much detail in this one!

I spent a lot of quiet time quilting.  Time I could reminisce and pray.  I felt Phyllis was looking down on me. 

In the end I know she was . . . look at how much thread I finished with.  Just enough!

Rest in peace Phyllis.


Lindah said...

Lovely quilting! Cheerful colors. Something about quilting and piecing that gives the heart and mind peace and freedom to think and consider and understand.

My sympathies in the loss of your friend's companionship.

Anke said...

The quilt is absolutely gorgeous! You did such a wonderful job.

Deanna said...

What a wonderful tribute to your dear friend. Absolutely beautiful! The almost empty thread spool brought tears to my eyes. You are a very special lady.

Carla said...

What a beautiful quilt and a beautiful gift you have given them both, I am sure it will be cherished.

GerryART said...

A loving tribute to a Friend.

Zoey said...

I think it's the perfect amount of quilting. I love looking at the back--just beautiful!

Brandi said...

How could she not be smiling down at you? You did a wonderful job, and I bet you brought a smile to Tom's face as well. What a sweet thing to do for him. It's absolutely beautiful.

Flat Creek Farm said...

It is just beautiful, and the quilting is gorgeous too. Way to go BT on the template designs! I'm sure you enjoyed this, but kind of bittersweet. We have to meet Phyllis' husband sometime. -Tammy

arrielle_p said...

Third quilt is fit to my new condo in Philippines. I love green. :)