Thursday, March 15, 2012

Out of the mouth of Babes!

Okay the babe happens to be my 10 year old Grandson.  One day after school this week he asked to use my computer, to show me something. 

The first thing he did was to ask, "Is this Google chrome"? "Yes", I replied.  He immediately signed me out and signed himself in.  He logged into his school's web page and then onto his page, using his password. 

He brought up the start of the document below.  It had the first paragraph.  He then proceed to type away.   He didn't finish his report at my house, but when I went back to my computer he had signed out of google chrome. 

Anyone Who Thinks Kids Should Not Have Phones, Read This!

Bzz. Bzz. Kids should have phones because kids need a way to contact
parents. Games would keep kids quiet. Also if all of the computers at home
were full, your child could use your phone to search. Ding! Ding! One
missed call!

First of all, some kids need a way to contact parents because what if
your child was at a friends house and something happened? What would your
child do? Also, if your child forgot your numbers they could use the
phone's call list. What would you do if your child didn't have a phone and
they needed to contact someone?

Reason number two is that games could keep your kids quiet. What if you
were on a long trip and your kids were complaining? You could just tell
them to play on their phones. Also, if you had a phone call, their phones
would keep them quiet while you talked.

The last reason is kids could search the Internet on their phones. If all
of the computers at home are full, your child could search on their phone.
Also, it would leave a computer open for someone else to use.

In conclusion, kids should have phones in fourth grade and older. My
reasons again are kids need a way to contact parents. Another one is games
could keep kids quiet. The last one is kids could search on their phones
instead of using the computer. Does your child have a phone?

Essay by: Brady Tappel

The next night, his Dad sent us his essay!

Amazing at 10 years old.  I mean could you even type on a typewriter at that age?  Of course if there was a computer when you were 10, it took up an entire room. 

Brady, Grandma is very proud of you.   Maybe Dad will buy you a cell phone.  If I did, I'd never live it down.  Your aunt Sarah didn't get one until she was a senior in high school!

Love you Brady!!


Annie said...

While I don't agree that kids need phones, I think Brady did an amazing job with his persuasive essay!

StitchinByTheLake said...

My granddaughter felt the same way your grandson does. Her parents didn't. So she saved her birthday money, bought one of those minutes only phones at WalMart, and now asks for minute cards for gifts. She has learned to limit her calls so she won't run out of minutes and prioritizes the calls she makes and receives. It works great and she's learned so much from doing it herself! And it kept me out of trouble for buying her a phone. :) blessings, marlene

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Smart kid! I predict that Brady will become a lawyer, he would do well arguing a case!

Carla K said...

Great arguments for a cell phone. Isn't it great to get a picture window into their world sometimes!

Nezzy said...

Before I retired from the Middle School we had a tip on a 'real' threat. We got the bug out notice where we move the student from one location to a safe place.

It was school policy that no student cells were allowed into the building. When we arrived at the nearby church, ya should of seen all the students who whipped out their cells outta their backpacks for parents to pick 'em up there.

There are so many positives to kiddos havin' cells these days. Ya can actually track your child.

Yep, this tech stuff. I've always said if ya can't figure somethin' out...ask a kiddo!

God bless ya sweetie and have a fantastic week.

Isn't this weather unreal? :o)

Deanna said...

Way to go Brady! It will be interesting to see whether he gets that phone or not...

However did we survive growing up and raising our kids, driving them everywhere, without phones? Somehow we survived, didn't we. We left for church yesterday morning and neither of us had our phone. We felt naked!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Brady, I don't entirely agree.. but I am SO impressed by this well thought out and well-written essay!! Great job!! I agree w/ Cheryl - this kid presents a great argument.. and should become a lawyer! -Tammy