Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Great Great

It always makes you feel good to go see my Mom and her friends at the assisted living home.  Today was one of those feel good days.  I only wish I had taken my camera with me.

The minute that we walk in with 3 year old Lizzie, she takes over.  She knows the way to her Great Grandma's room.  She talks to those we meet in the hallway.  It makes no difference if they are residents or employees.  A lot of them  know Ms. Lizzie. 

The look on Mom's face when Lizzie pushes the door open is always heart warming.

Today she took her baby doll, Meghan.  Meghan was sporting the new clothes that she got for Easter.  After visiting Mom, Lizzie went next door to her great great Aunt Georgia's room.  (Yes my Mom and her sister in law, born 20 days apart, are now next door neighbors.)  Almost immediately, she saw an Easter basket and started looking in it.  Aunt Georgia wanted her to have the entire basket.  Lizzie claimed just two things out of it, a little Easter bunny and an Easter chick.  It peeps!  Yes it peeped all the way home!!!

How wonderful is it that Lizzie gets to know her great great aunt!!

Aunt Georgia's husband Bud was my mother's brother.  Sadly, we lost him last fall.  Here is a picture of uncle Bud holding me.  Also in the picture is my brother Wesley and my Dad. This would have been taken in 1953. 

Before we left the home, Lizzie found Martha.  Until just a few months ago, Lizzie's mother was an in house caregiver for Martha 2 days a week.  Lizzie spent many hours playing with play doh with Martha.  Alzheimer's robs so many precious memories, but it seemed that Martha remembered her. She just kept telling Lizzie, I missed you.  Martha continued to hug Lizzie, look at her, and then started all over with the hugs. 

As we left, many were waving good bye to Lizzie.  Such a good feeling day it was!


Carla K said...

A great day was had by all, wonderful memories and Lizzie made so many people's day much happier I am sure! You are a good daughter and Grandma to make sure those visits are made!

StitchinByTheLake said...

What a wonderful day Patti - precious memories for you all. blessings, marlene

Jackie @ Crest Cottage said...

What a great day that sounds like! I just took my daughter (2 months) to meet 2 of her great grandparents. They are both in an assisted living facility (same facility, different rooms, much to my grandfather's disappointment!) and it was heartwarming to see the joy on everyone's faces when they saw her. Kids just make everything more fun!