Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A bloggers lunch

I have been blogging since July 2007.  In the five years, it's always exciting when I get a call or an email from a fellow blogger who wants to meet up. 

In   May 2009  it was Tammy from Flat Creek Farm

Next month,  June 2009 it was lunch with Betsy from Giggle & bits

Almost a year later, March 2010 Becky from Sewing4him  and I had lunch. 

A week later, March 2010 Nicole at Missouri Gal and I went with some friends to a quilt show.

In June 2010 Deanna at My loves, my live and I met quite by accident. 

Just last month I met Nancy  and Gerry. That is after Claire took me to her quilt guild.

Last night I got an email from Marlene at Stitching by the lake.  She was going to be in town for a few days.  I quickly fired an email back to her and we made plans for lunch today. 

I was only waiting a for minute or two at Panera's when Marlene and her sister Sherry walked in.  We all exchanged hugs and ordered our food as if someone was starving.  Okay, the two sisters were starving!

Gosh did we bond quickly.  From canning, to cooking, quilting, antiques, kids. . . the conversation was non-stop. 

Sherry snapped this picture before we walked out. 

It took a  92 minute lunch to get this shot!

Thanks girls, we must do lunch again!


Marge said...

I am so jealous! I would love to have lunch with you and Marlene! Some day......Bet you had fun!

Barb said...

You have been so fortunate to meet so many blogging friends.....lucky you!!!!

GerryART said...

Isn't it wonderful the Friendships that have bloomed via The Internet.
Hope to see you at Guild Tuesday, Patti


Zoey said...

Wow, you have met a lot of bloggers. You may just win the blogger Miss Congeniality contest!

It sounds like you had a wonderful lunch with your friend. What fun.

Doreen said...

Would love to stop by next time we travel in your area....really not that far! I know, for myself, these bloggy friendships are so neat and the distance really doesn't seem to matter when a face to face visit is possible. Common interests take over and conversations are launched....for hours. Love it!!!! Hugs, Doreen

Dar said...

What a neat thing to happen. I would love to meet and have lunch with you if I'm ever in your town. Bread Co. is one of my all time favorites too. I am new to blogging and am still learning how to do things right. I thought I had started following your blog when I first saw your Ozark Bluff name, but I guess I didn't do it right. Now I've found you again and this time I'm sure it is right!! I loved your accounts of your Easter Day. So nice to have little ones to share the season with. Maybe our paths will cross in 2012. Do you go to MQS in May.?

Annie said...

How fun!

Jeri Landers said...

I love meeting fellow bloggers face to face. I am having dinner with 2 them next week,as I will be visiting their town for an art show. I hope we have as much fun as you did!

Michelle May said...

Oh wow! So lucky to have met Marlene in person! She's such a doll!