Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another auction . . .lots of pictures

Today we traveled about an hour and a half from our home for an auction that advertised a "blacksmith shop."

All that was spent from our account was $5 for a tap and die tool, and $3 for a hamburger and hot dog. It was however, a fun day in the country, I will let the pictures do the talking.

Let's walk through the front gate to the house. . . 

This was what I'd call the back of the house, but it had the only exterior door. Notice the dark cabinet?  It was a very unique corner cabinet, very primitive!

A silk quilt, reminded me of a crazy quilt. It sold for only $30.

Maybe a neck tie holder?

An electric washing machine!


More sweetness!

Wordless . . . 

More crocks and a coffee box labeled Meyer Bros.  We have a bigger box with the same stenciling.

A very unique horse with real fur!

Thousands of fruit jars. Well maybe not quite that many.

God bless our home.

Can you read this?

Does this speak country or what???

Awesome oil chandelier.

An 1899 book and more!

I wonder how old the kids are now that sat at this table?

Now that would make a lot of butter.

I am so hungry for some apple butter now.

Any guesses on what this is?

It's a ballot box, a very early ballot box I would say.

As for the blacksmith items, I took just a few pictures . . . find them here.


Colleen said...

Ok I think I need to be on your auction alert email list! I LOVE places like this! We dont seem to have any around here like this anymore.

Lise said...

Wow, the history in this place is amazing, like your comment about the children at the table, I had similar thoughts when looking at all your pictures...the sign in another language looks like a name plaque maybe, like a family crest sort of thing, in the picture anyway...and sorry, but that horse is a little icky for my taste, though I suppose if there was a child who wanted a horse and the family couldn't manage to keep one, maybe this was the next best thing...still icky though:) I think I will have to look into more auctions like this one, do you have a particular listing you look at to find these?

Doreen said...

I would love to find an auction like that! Around here, the local auctioneers are going high tech and doing on-line auctions cuz participation at 'live' auctions was getting so sparse. Sad. There was a day when auctions were opportunities for community members to visit! I am afraid I would have spent a bit more!!!

Deanna said...

That ballot box is something. I wonder what it brought.

They really had some interesting stuff. I've been to a lot of auctions, but I don't believe I've ever seen so many fruit jars. Wow.

Heading over to check out the blacksmith stuff now.

tipper said...

Wow-wish I could have been there to prowl through the jars : ) And I love that little table too!

Jeri Landers said...

I will take one corner cupboard, one whiskey jug and a ballot box, please. Fabulous HORSE! I collect those, how much did it go for? And what did you buy??

Annie said...

I don't know much German, but I'm pretty sure it mentions God and love and maybe the home. I think it could be a home blessing of some sort.

Do you know what it says?