Sunday, June 17, 2012

My week of visits with old friends

First, let me say my friends aren't old, and neither am I!  It's just that I got to see a lot of friends from long ago this past week.

I had brunch with Carol and her sister Sherri at Panera's on Tuesday. We girls go waaay back. We were neighbors, and Sherri and I were school buddies from first through ninth grades.  (I then moved away from the neighborhood.)  Sherri was in town, visiting from North Carolina. 

Now I don't  know what you think about the quality of the above picture, but we think it's darn good!  Especially since it was taken by the 3 year old in the next picture!

Yes Ms. Lizzie joined us too. She enjoyed her white milk and M & M cookie, every crumb of it.

This is another picture Lizzie took. It's my kind of picture, blocking Grandma out! Sherri kept telling her to move her finger off the lenses. She would do it until she hit "click" button. 

Thursday night I went to the street fair downtown. There I ran into Mary.  I think this picture (that I stole from her Facebook page) reminds me of "Queen Mary". Mary was another one of our classmates. Sherri and I went all through grade school with her.

I also ran into sisters Rose and Rita from the same neighborhood. I spent so many days and nights are their house. They went to the parochial school, but Rose and I are the same age.

I also ran into Cledis and his wife Clarine. Cledis and I were in the same high school class. GO Cole R-V Eagles!

What an awesome week! Life is Good!


Karen said...

Life is indeed good... and I have to tell you, you look younger then everyone! No kidding!

GerryART said...

What a wonderful way to spend Summer Days, Patti.

Zoey said...

It's like you had your own mini class reunion!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Fun times! Great pics! Lizzie is a grand photographer.. could be in her genes? -T

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Great photos and good memories, what a perfect combination. Oh, that 3 year old, has some serious talent!


Lise said...

Always great to spend time with long time friends!