Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My new old Trip Around the World Quilt

I have been waiting for a sunny day to photograph my quilt.  Today it was about half way there and I couldn't wait any longer to show you my new old quilt. Remember  I told you about it here.

The top is vintage feed sack fabric. It is hand quilted, repeat hand quilted. To think I only paid $45 for this gem!

Thanks to Nancy for bidding on it for me, and delivering it to me last weekend. 

Imagine my surprise when I brought it home and found this label on it! You know me.  I immediately went to Google and typed in the quilters name. I found that she had passed away in  spring of 2010. I also found this on her obitituary: "Anyone who ever ate at her table will remember her hot rolls, noodles, hominy, and pies. She was a master of the needle and the crochet hook. Many have keepsakes of her doilies, afghans, and quilts." 

My kind of lady. Not only did she like to quilt, but she liked hominy, noodles, and pies, as I do too!

I am so please to be able to add this quilt to my stash. 

P.S. I received this picture from my friend Mara. It was at her auction that I bought this quilt. Dorothy the cow is the model.


Cheryl @ TFD said...

I'll skip the hominy, but love the other stuff! This is a beautiful quilt and quite a buy. The lady sounds like a wonderful, talented person.

Terry said...

What a great old quilt and how cool to know a little of the history of the woman who made it. That reminds me I need to label all my quilts one of these days.

Zoey said...

What a treasure. It looks to be in good condition, too.

I love hominy panfried in a little butter just until lightly golden, then seasoned with salt and pepper. Sometimes I make that with eggs for a cold winter Sunday morning breakfast instead of hash browns.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Once again, the importance of attaching some type of label!! So glad you could add the "personal dimension" to the purchase!

Lise said...

That is a beautiful quilt! I'd love to see her other work! Awesome new old quilt to add to your stash!

GerryART said...

Seems her quilt is still loved and respected, Patti.