Thursday, December 20, 2012

I quit!

Today winter arrived with a bang!  At 3 AM it was 54, 7 AM 39, and 10 AM it was 34, shortly after that it went down to 32. Somewhere during that time the winds picked up and the snow started coming down. No one was happier than myself and 3 year old Lizzie. 

She asked to go out as soon as breakfast was over. "Grandpa can we build a snow man" she asked? Of course Grandpa had nothing better to do. Look at the snowman's eyes.  How often do you see real coal for his eyes? That's one advantage of Grandpa being a blacksmith!

Soon after this picture was taken, it was to Grandma she came for hot chocolate! Colored mini-marshmallows were a plus!

Now lets talk about me quitting! I have probably gone over board sewing dolls clothes. I didn't know they could be so much fun or so addicting. Of course all this is her Christmas present. She shall remain nameless since she might read my blog. At least I know her 11 year old brother does. The other day I got a text from him, "Grandma I like the rug you won. I saw it on your blog." I really need to watch what I let out of the bag now!

There are jammies for both, and corduroy pants with vest to match.

Of course they both needed aprons to match. There are (fake) leather pants, skirt, and vest with a calico blouse. There are also 2 party dresses and a leopard coat. 

I found really cute shoes, tights, cowgirl boots, and even a cowgirl hat at Wally's world. I only wished I had bought the ice skates they had. Especially after I see Carla's creations

I leave you with my Santa pictures. Now I realize that I have a picture of the newest grand baby wrapped and under the tree, but I am missing a Santa picture with my only grand daughter. Shame on me!


Janna and Mike said...

I'm assuming you made the doll clothes? You did a great job and I know there is going to be one happy little girl come Christmas morning.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Sherry forgot to tell me ya'll got snow. She was probably afraid that if she told me I wouldn't come up there after Christmas. :) Love the clothes - and you are a great and wonderful grandmother! blessings, marlene

Lise said...

We had snow too, awesome that it would arrive on the winter solstice/first day of winter! You know me, let it snow!!

I love your snowman. And your doll & Lizzie clothes...perfect and I am sure will be much used and loved!

Merry Christmas to you and your family:)

Anonymous said...

It will be a White Christmas and it appears that the driving will be good. Yay! Loved your post! Christmas Blessings, D

Brady Tappel said...

I know what you are getting Lizzie

Brady Tappel said...


Brady Tappel said...