Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tag sales finds and more

Today, I stopped by Scruggs Lumber yard to pick up my free rug. I won it from a post on Facebook! 

Isn't it gorgeous? It looks great at my front door.

So while in town at the butt crack of dawn, I remembered a tag sale that started at 8 AM.

I found this neat pottery bowl for a buck! I think I need to scrub the old price tag residue off of it.

For 3 bucks I got this great bag of hand crocheted things. This lady liked to make triangles. The bag even had a really retro pearl collar in it in perfect shape.  Now if I can just get the musty smell out of all of it. 

One of the best things I got was this pair of shoes from the defunct Tweedies shoe factory. I collect items from this factory as my Dad, his brother, and sisters all worked there. They bring back memories of some great times when I was small and would visit the factory. The smell of leather wafted out of the open windows as you drove down Jefferson Street to it. This was  before the days of air conditioning. 

These are the smallest heels I've ever seen. The heel has a 1 on it, so I am wondering if they were a size 1? They are smaller than most "sample" sizes. I put a tissue under the clear plastic so you could get the full effect. They even have a plastic flower. Oh if they would just fit me.
I now leave you with the photo of the day. I'm thinking he will soon have to have a hair cut. Look at that hair, it's almost touching his ear.


GerryART said...

Haircut? Hmmm, not for a while, GM

A fantastic week of treasures, Patti.
Glad I don't have to pick just one.
Well, maybe it would have to be your pearl collar. I have a couple of collars from my Granma that I cherish, however neither are pearl.

(Perhaps just laying it out for a while will 'air' it?

Have a wonderful, wonderful week!


Zoey said...

That rug is gorgeous! Though, I must say, the last pic is more gorgeous.

I hope you find a way to get rid of the musty smell so you can use your new treasures.

GerryART said...

Where was Tweedies located?
I think that the shoes factory on the east side of tow was ? Brown Shoe Factory.
I've lived here only since '86


Lise said...

So many treasures Patti! The rug is a great prize, and you are right, a perfect match with your door. I love the bowl and lace, you seem to be pretty good at finding those great deals! But the best treasure is that adorable little guy...wish I could rub my cheek on his head, I love that feeling and the smell of baby!

Anonymous said...

That last photo is priceless!!!! And congrats on your win....way to go!! The "treasure" bag is awesome!

Jeri Landers said...

Patti, The crochet pieces would be great for so many projects... I can just see them on more Victorian Dresses! Are the shoes samples? I remember those neighborhood shoe shops, and yes, they DID smell of leather!

Dar said...

Congrats on your rug win. What a nice prize and it goes so well in your entry. Your grandson is so precious. What a wonderful Christmas you will have. We missed the major snow, only got a few flurries. They are predicting some on Christmas night, we'll see.

Have a blessed and merry Christmas with your family.