Sunday, April 7, 2013

Aunt Faye lives on in my heart

I've told you before about my aunt Faye. She was my mentor when it came to anything about quilts. She was an expert hand quilter. She hated to piece quilts, as she always said, "why do you want to cut up all that beautiful fabric up and then sew it back to together?" However at times she did just that, too. 

She was a wonderful cook, a deep Christian woman who read her bible daily, kept a daily journal and was always on the other end of the phone line to ask about the kids. 

I cherish the things she gave me. Even after her death in 2005, I have been lucky enough to acquire more of her things. Like the quilt she made her best friend, or the patterns I ordered for her, a friendship quilt, and now the following things that I was gifted last week. 

There were many beautiful hankies. More than a line full. I do believe in my heart these belonged to my grandmother, who lived with my aunt Faye. I remember as a child getting in Grandma's hankie drawer if we were good, to have a piece of butterscotch candy. 

I even rocked one on my blue jean coat pocket. (I took her with me Saturday to the quilt show)

 There was this really unique Krispy Kan, called Blue Magic. 

The inside of the lid tells you all about it.

 Some of her hair nets. 

 A pink cherry blossom depression platter. 

 Three salt cellars. 

A large beautiful glass platter. 

A glass cake plate that would hold one of her angel food cakes on Sundays. 

Two laying hens, eggs and all.

 A Hartz Mountain bird seed can. (It's full of antique dice and marbles.) 

A celluloid Santa who has lost his skis. 

I am so appreciated of these items gifted to me by two special people in my life. I'd love to tell you how they got these pieces, but then I'd have to shoot you. You two know who you are!


Deanna said...

What sweet memories of Aunt Faye. I treasure many of the items I purchased at Aunt Jane's auction. Great memories.

Lise said...

You're bring so many childhood memories to mind...I remember having a can with the thing on top to keep things crisp...the depression glass platter is beautiful, my brother has the set my mother used to collect...and those egg laying chickens crack me up (I don't recall seeing these but they are just so clever!!!). And I love your Aunt Faye's hankies, love that you carried one in your pocket:)

Karen said...

Such wonderful treasures!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Such treasures! I had some of those chickens that laid "eggs" (even back then I loved chickens.. lol). All of those items made me smile. I can only imagine how special they are to you ♥ -Tammy p.s. rockin' the hankie in yer jean jkt pocket.. best idea ever :)