Friday, September 26, 2008

Feedsack Friday

My friend over at Oodles and oodles is hosting Feed sack Friday. So I dug and dug and found these in my stash. Unfortunately I still have two feed sacks that will not come out of hiding. I remember them distinctly, one green, one pink. Anyway here is my very small stash.
I also am showing you two quilts. The signature block is that of my father. Bill Cardwell (1913-2000). This quilt making, I am assuming was hosted by his youngest sister, Faye. It has the names of her neighbors, church friends, sisters, mother, mother-in-law and the one signature of a male, my Dad!
Sister Faye was married in 1939, so I know it was made after that. Unless it was a wedding gift for her. There is no one left to ask the history. I received it after all of the above had died. I treasure it and I give thanks to my sister Lona for giving to me. She knows my love for quilts.
The other quilt is also made from some feed sacks, it came from my Mother's side of the family. Not sure of the maker as I was the first on that side of the family to make quilts.
Thanks Oodles and oodles for the memories you conjured up!


barbara said...

That signature block quilt is amazing - thanks for sharing all your pictures! (And good luck finding the ones in hiding - that seems to be a recurring theme!)

Tipper said...

What neat quilts-such heritage and memories. Love the sacks on the line too.

Sarah and Jack said...

It's nice that someone in the family still has the signature quilt. That doesn't happen very often.

(And I swear I thought that first sack said embryo, which was kind of gross.)