Saturday, October 4, 2008

Friday Auction!

It's very unusual for our area to have auctions during the week days. This Friday was an exception. An out of town auctioneer came for a house hold estate sale.
It just so happened the deceased lady was best friends to my Aunt Faye. Aunt Faye was my quilt mentor. She was a very generous and giving person. When I saw the pictures on the auctioneer's web site, I knew it had an Aunt Faye Quilt listed.
I was at the sale about 30 minutes before it started. The house sold first, then the Jeep Cherokee and then some of the furniture that was not removed from the house. Including the bedding. Luckily the one quilt I was interested in was on the first bed sold.
And that is how I became the owner of another Aunt Faye quilt.
Dresden plate right?

I stayed for 5 1/2 hours. I would have stayed until it was over, but unfortunately I had a hair appointment and I just couldn't cancel at such short notice to the hairdresser.
My son showed up at a great time, just after they started two bidding rings. He bid and won 4 antique folding wooden chairs for me, with a picture frame thrown in. Cost $5.00
I also won a big aluminum roast for the son.
Another great buy was a shopping bag with a full size bow tie quilt top in it. It also included a crochet table cloth which I gave to my sister without even taking a picture! The best thing in it was 103 of these pieces.


Are they for a double wedding ring?
If so how many do I need?
Most of them are tacked together in pairs of 2.

Now for the part to make you wish you were there. I bought a shopping bag with a quilt top, quilt blocks and huge crochet table cloth.....cost $25.00. (I will try to take picture tomorrow of the quilt top.)

The last thing I bought was a big basket with tons of embroidery thread. Of course once again I gave it away to my Mom before I took a picture of it.

There were two binder rings of small plastic envelopes with thread in each bag. All were numbered and colored coordinated. The basket also had several pairs scissors, including 2 small gold bird looking embroidery scissors. The was a set of 12 quilt blocks, all cross stitched with the thread and instructions included. 2 or 3 of the blocks were finished. Several pieces of cross stitch fabric, some homemade lace or tatted lace, and a nice piece of linen and 1 piece of upholstery fabric. Such a buy for $12.50

It was such a fun day, I wish I could have stayed till the end. But you know a girl needs hair color once in awhile!


StitchinByTheLake said...

First of all I'm so jealous! I love auctions - got that from my parents who thought an auction was the best thing since sliced bread - and we have very few like that here in Arkansas. And when we do a quilt top would have been way beyond my budget. The pieces look like a double wedding ring but since I've never made one I can't advise. blessings, marlene

Annette said...

Your Aunt Faye's dresden quilt is sooooo beautiful. Sounds like you had a great time at the auction. wow!

Sarah and Jack said...

They do look like wedding ring pieces to me. I would have to get a book to figure out how to put them together though.

Mel said...

You are soooo lucky! I have never been to an auction, I'm not sure they have them in this area of the country, at least not that I'm aware of!

I'm sure those strips are for a wedding ring, I have made a few blocks for one of my own.

Those purchases would give me a quilting buzz that would last for days!!

Zoey said...

I bet Aunt Faye would be thrilled to know that you went to that auction to get one of her quilts. I am so glad you had the winning bid.

I enlarged it and am wondering if there is a binding on it. Or was it sewn and turned right side out?

And what a bunch of other treasures you got! It sounded like a very fun day.