Friday, July 26, 2013

Green beans, I mean purple beans, no really they are green

Remember me telling you about the beans Tipper from Blind Pig gave us? They are from Sow True Seed company. To refresh your memory you can read about it here

Well we harvested the first of a small batch of them. Purple they are. I mean they are green beans. 

I started with a strip of nice smoky bacon, diced and fried it. I then added a small diced onion and probably 2-3 cups of beans in my small pressure cooker and added some water. 

I let it come to pressure and set my timer for 3 minutes. Then this is what I had . . . green beans, I mean purple beans. They were delicious. They have just a hint of sweetness but yet still so much like the contenders we normally plant. 

The plants look beautiful and are still producing. I hope for a canner full to come.

I still love the purple blooms. So THANK YOU Sow True seed Company and Tipper. We loved the flavor and beauty of them. 


Mountain Woman at Heart said...

We planted those the last couple of years but planted regular beans this year. However, our granddaughter was looking for the purple ones again. Oops!

Mountain Woman at Heart said...
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Flat Creek Farm said...

Purples have been my first choice for years. I think they're more flavorful, plus they're just cool :) Critters ate my first crop, but there's still hope for the Fall beans (but they're just "boring" green.. lol). Got some purple peppers too! -T
p.s. hope your pup is on the mend!

Zoey said...

Those are some cool beans! I do love fresh green beans. I have never tried the purple ones.

Lise said...

Oh those look delicious! I think it's funny we both harvested and blogged about our Sow True Seeds project on the same day! Mine are green green beans, but they are absolutely scrumptious, my favorite way being raw:)

I love what you told me about Lizzie's barefoot technique for sowing time I'm taking her approach!

Dar said...

Those purple green beans look delicious. I grew some of those when I had my big organic garden a few years back. It was so much fun. Also had other "purple" feggies in the garden, - tomatoes, eggplant, peppers too. I sure miss eating them fresh from the garden.

Anonymous said...

YUM I'm so glad you liked them-and they look so pretty too : ) Thank you for being part of the Sow True Bean Project!