Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sow True Seed report

We love our green beans. Every year we plant the Contender variety. In previous years we've canned more than 50 pints. That is until last year, with the drought we only got a few fresh meals. Luckily I had a few pints left over. 

So far this year we have canned 38 pints and 6 quarts. These beans were planted about the 2nd week of May. 

In May we went to John C Campbell Folk School in North Carolina. Several evenings while we were there we were lucky enough to visit with Tipper of The Blind Pig and the Acorn. One evening she gave me a package of Sow True Seeds.  It was the Snap Bush Royal Burgundy variety. 

These beans will be fascinating to me.  I noticed once they popped their little heads out of the soil by a couple of inches that their stems were purple. 

This picture shows the seeds as we were planting them.

In 10-12 days they were popping through.

This I believe was the 4 to 5 week photo.

Now at 6-7 weeks they are blooming a beautiful purple. You might be as surprised as I was to find out that they grow purple beans. However when you cook them they turn green, or so I've been told.

I can hardly wait to pick the beans in this row.

Now I pray for rain, we are already watering. We don't need another drought like last year.

I'll keep you posted on their progress.  In the mean time visit Sow True Seed company! Also check out Tipper's post about the bean giveaway.


Gmama Jane said...

I'm quite intrigued by that variety of beans. Anxious to learn how they taste and if they do indeed turn gree, if you like them, I'll have to order some for my garden next year. We have had too much rain and my tomatoes are rotting. But our corn is fabulous. I live in north Alabama close to the Tenn. state line.
Gmama Jane

Gmama Jane said...

I'd like to follow you via email but you don't have that gadget added to your blog. Please add and I can get your posts each time.
Gmama Jane

Anonymous said...

I have heard of beans that change color as they are cooked. Will be anxious to hear how you like them! Great looking garden this year!!

Lise said...

You're beans have grown much larger than ours at this point...I'm still waiting to post about our 2 varieties from Tipper because they are still "coming to their own" so to speak...I can't wait to hear how your purple that turn green bean taste!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I can't wait to see what they look-and taste like : )Thank you so much for being part of my bean project!!