Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm a lucky cousin!

Yesterday I received a gift from a cousin, these two quilt tops!

This lone star had been machine washed and dried. I spent almost an hour snipping tangled threads and pressing it. I could probably spend another hour doing more of the same. Luckily the seams all seem to be intact. 

I think I might have this machine quilted. The big white squares seem to scream for some detailed scroll work. 

This top had belonged to my late aunt. 

Then there was this Grandmother's flower garden, all hand pieced. This one of course has to be hand quilted! It appears to be quit old. It had been given to the cousin from her X-mother in law, therefore she had no attachment to it. 

Now for all you quilters out there, I've never paid attention as to how one of these are quilted. Do you quilt around every hexie?  Or is it more in color circles? 

THANK You Cousin!!  I love them both.

Life is good.


daphnenicole said...

I am anxious to hear how you are going to quilt the grandmothers flower garden since I am piecing together one of them now.

They are both beautiful quilts.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

These are very beautiful gifts! The flower garden has always been one of my favorite quilt patterns.

JoT said...

Lucky, lucky, lucky you! I'm at a loss for words - unusual for me - to express how green with envy I am. Two gorgeous quilt tops needing a loving home, and they found one!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!How awesome!! I agree, the open areas of the Star will fill nicely with feathers, etc. The Flower Garden examples I have seen were quilted in each hexie. Beautiful!!!!! Hugs.....

Zoey said...

What a nice cousin you have. Those are gorgeous!

Lise said...

These are stunning! How wonderful that your cousin gifted you with them...I can't wait to see what you do with them, no matter what you decide to do I'm sure they will be perfect:)