Thursday, August 1, 2013

My new face mug

When we were in Brasstown, North Carolina I met up with Robb Withrow a local potter. You can read about it here.  His pottery shop is Smoke in the Mountains. 

We talked about an order for the Blacksmith Association of Missouri, specifically the Boutique part of the organization. 

When I got home I contacted my friend Judy at Capital Rubber Stamp Company. She made the BAM stamp for me in a matter of minutes.  

Thanks to Robb, I am now offering BAM mugs for $15 a piece in the BAM Boutique.  They are awesome!  It's like Christmas unwrapping all 40 of them.  Every one is a little different, the uniqueness of being hand thrown.

Thank you Robb!  

P. S. I really want to keep all 40 for myself, but the blacksmith said I don't need that many.

While at Robb's shop I couldn't help but fall in love with his face jugs.  So when my friend Bob and his lovely wife Bryanna went to pick up my order I told them to throw in a face mug too.  Thank God they didn't take me literally and "throw" it in. 

 As you drink from the back side, it is so smooth. It keeps your beverage steaming hot. 

Isn't he adorable???


Stephanie84 said...

Don't let my daughter see these! She keeps bringing home mugs, cups, Tervises, thermal cups. Comes from working at a Hallmark store. lol They are darn cute though.

Dar said...

Your face mug is "different", not so sure I'd call him adorable! It strikes me as a face only a mother could love! ha. Kidding aside, it is a fun mug though and did make me laugh.

Lise said...

The BAM mugs are perfect...I bet they'll be a big seller, especially with the holidays just around the corner. Now your new coffee mug, that makes me want to sit across the table from you and watch you drink your coffee, it is awesome!

Deanna said...

Errrrr adorable might not have been the word I would have used to describe your new mug. Maybe cute? Love your new BAM mugs. I'll bet they will go fast!