Saturday, November 23, 2013

Deer update!

I was reminded by the son that I needed to update the blog. 

The blacksmith scored a big 8 pointer earlier this week. 

Deer season started out a little too warm weather wise, but then tonight it is making up for that. Sixteen degrees is the predicted low!

Deer camp has been fun with some great food being prepared, both by the men and the women. The first night a Cajun feast was made. That's where you make sausage, potatoes, corn on the cob, and 8 pounds of shrimp all in one pot with lots of spices!

Sunday night, 8 pounds of hamburger was made into grilled burgers. We've also had Bernie's famous beef stew, served with hot corn bread, Gumbo with hot crusty garlic bread, and ham and beans.  

Tonight it's grilled beef steaks! Oh did I mention we've had a few desserts too? There was one huge pie that had four sections of different pie fillings, peach, cherry, apple, and blue berry. Then I saw pecan tarts, chocolate sheet cake, angel food cake and strawberries, and last night it was chocolate chip cheesecake.

I'd like to say the diet will start Monday, but we all know that's Thanksgiving week. 

There are still some without success in deer camp, but there is still a few more days, right Pat!


Jerry C said...

Though I don't hunt as much as I used to, I would love to become a member of your deer camp.:-)

Seems the camp was always a place for some good eating. Cold rolling in here today. Think our 2 week Fall season has ended.

Congrats to the blacksmith!!

Lise said...

OMG, your feasts are making my tummy grumble!!! Everyone will be snuggled up tonight, no doubt about that! Can I come next year???

Zoey said...

wow, your family got some nice bucks!

Love the miniatures in the post below. What fun to make them into pendants!

McVal said...

Yum!!! Steaks!!!

Good job on those bucks!