Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's deer season in Mid-Missouri

 It's like a national holiday around here. Deer season!

It was youth season first. Alex the 9 year old grandson got an awesome 13 point buck!

Regular gun season opened this past Saturday. Brady, the 12 year old,  shot an eight pointer. I love this picture, it's hard to tell who is more proud, son or Dad!
So while the guys are away at deer camp (two miles from our house), I sew.  Our youngest grandson soon will turn 1 year old. My how time flies! So it was requested to make him a birthday shirt.

It my spare time I have been sewing miniatures. I mean TINY, these measure  one and one half inch square. Some have as many as 21 pieces of fabric. 

If you look in the bottom left hand corner, it has been made into a pendant. That is my goal!  My friend Tammy (Flat Creek Farm) and I, took a jewelry class in Columbia, Missouri. We both were so over whelmed with information overload that neither one of us took a single picture. I know that's sin for a blogger(s).  We will make it up when some day we start our jewelry production!  LOL

So there's a few more days in deer season, not sure what I will come up with next.


Jerry C said...

Love those smiles. Always enjoyed taking the young ones hunting. I usually got more joy from their success than mine. Also love those miniatures. Looks like they would take a lot of patience.

Dar said...

Congrats to the grandson who got the 8 pointer. OMG! Are you crazy - 1 1/2 inch blocks with 21 pieces. I think they will make great jewelry, but ooh you must have the patience of Job.

Lise said...

Wow, that buck is a beauty...I see lots of venison stew in your future, LOL! I can't believe your grandson is already turning 1! The shirt is perfect:) Your miniatures are amazing, I don't know how you can sew such small little quilts...you never cease to amaze me:)...very creative jewelry my friend.

Jeremy Tappel said...

I think you need to update this. ;-)

Flat Creek Farm said...

Great pics! We had such a fun day - ANd you know I am crazy about those teensy quilts!! Super amazing, you are! Yes, we will make up for no pics from class.. I committed to that also! I enjoyed reading about all the wonderful food in your latest posts too. Yum! -T