Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The last of our trip

We arrived in Steelville Friday mid-morning. The RV park was pricey but it's a park that caters to the river people. I wish they would have off season rates. It was convenient to what we needed though. 

 (No we weren't always alone over the 4 days there)

While shopping in town on Friday afternoon, we heard that there was a community ham & bean dinner that evening. We checked it out and found nice folks to eat dinner with, at a very reasonable price. 

There was also a pie auction. We didn't buy one as we didn't want to have to eat the whole thing.
That evening we saw a sign about a gospel sing at 7 PM.  We gave it a try. It was in the Rivers of Life Fellowship Church. I'm pretty sure we were the only non-members there but they welcomed us with hearty hand shakes. It was the best 2 hours and 38 minutes of gospel music. 

The next day we went back to the antique shop, where the blacksmith bought this beautiful amethyst brooch for me.

We also stopped by Maramec park.  It's the home place of one of the largest old iron furnaces. The spring was beautiful. 

The blacksmith checks out the huge furnace.

 The fishermen were trying their hand at catching the trout.

 Here's my selfie picture. We are standing on the bridge looking into the stream.

Our whole reason for visiting Steelville was to attend two concerts at the Steelville Music Theater. On Saturday night we went to see the Isaacs. It was a wonderful bluegrass gospel show. 

Before the music show we went to Davisville to see Dillard's Mill. Pictures don't begin to show you how beautiful it was sitting back in the woods. Normally it's a $4 tour, but since they were short staffed, she gave us a free tour of the first floor for only a donation. The other 2 floors were off limits. 

Sunday morning we attended mass at Holy Cross Catholic church in Cuba, Missouri. The rock work was absolutely amazing both inside and out. I just didn't think they'd appreciate me taking a picture inside during mass. 

Sunday afternoon we went back to the music theater for the Dailey and Vincent show. Another couple of hours of wonderful bluegrass music. 

After the show it was dinner time. We found Frisco's Grill and pub in Cuba. It had free WiFi too. We were having withdrawals as the expensive campground's WiFi only worked if you were at their store, sitting on the front porch in 40 degree temperatures. 

Back to our Casita for one last night out this year.

Some of the 20+ bunches of cane through out the campground. 

 . . .time to go home after an eleven day trip. This making our 30th night spent in our little Casita this year. Time to go home and winterize it. Although we did have several below 30  degree mornings during this vacation. 

Happy trails



Patty H. said...

That sounds like such a fun time! I love the Isaacs! And that brooch is gorgeous.

JerryC said...

what better way to end the Casita traveling season than with great food, music, and of course, a beautiful gift. I love touring old mills. Just let the imagination run as to what it was like back in the day.

Janna and Mike said...

No more trips in the little Casita this winter??

Zoey said...

Love the brooch, Patti! It does look like it was pretty cold there at night. I agree it's time to put the Casita away until spring!

Lise said...

What a fun trip for you both. Your brooch is beautiful:) Will you travel in your Casita over the winter months or does she get to rest for a bit? Hugs to you my friend!