Sunday, May 24, 2020

It’s our Golden anniversary

Can we take a break from damn COVID-19?

Saturday, May 23 was our 50th wedding anniversary.  The kids had planned a big celebration for  us. Damn COVID-19.

The party supplies await.  It has been rescheduled for later this summer, pending on a lot yet.

First thing we did at the stroke of midnight was to look at our wedding albums and all the notes I had kept. We looked at friends, cousins, family that came. Many not with us now. We looked at the list of gifts we got. Funny the normal money gift back then was $5 to $10. Grandparents gave $20. I thought a gift of ashtrays was hilarious.

After breakfast, we went to the garden. We weeded and hilled 4 rows of potatoes.

Next after tilling the garden, we planted 30+  tomato plants and a dozen or more pepper plants.

We then took our second Can Am ride through the neighborhood.

After a shower and quick dinner we were settled in our recliners for some Grand Ole Opry on line. We might just be turning into old folks.

Here’s to many more great years working together, and a BIG party later in the year.

We are blessed. Life is good.

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JerryC said...

Happy Anniversary. Not many make that milestone,anymore. We're looking at 53 come June.