Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Catch up night

So it's been a few days since I've been here to blog. Let's recap:

SATURDAY: It was still way too warm for Deer hunting. Being home by myself, for a bit I got some sewing done. I picked up the grandsons about 10:15 and we went into town for an errand at the bank. They were happy with stickers there. Next it was a mission for Marshmallows. We stopped at the dollar store, but no such item there. So instead what else to do but spoil the boys and buy them a toy gun that shot rubber disc. We drove over to Schnuck's and found Marshmallows, which Alex carried proudly to the cash register and Brady carried the powdered sugar I needed for cinnamon roll icing. By buying only two things it avoided the grocery cart with the big plastic car attached to the front that they wanted to ride in!

By this time it was lunch time. I made the mistake of asking the boys what they wanted. Alex wanted McDonald's, and Brady, after telling Alex the french flies weren't healthy for him, wanted chicken legs from Lee's. So being the nice Gma I am, we went both places.

At home they boys were eating their lunch when Grandpa came in. We put batteries in the new guns and they were both a piece of junk. One gun shot one time, the other one wouldn't fire at all.

It was soon nap time for Alex and Brady had bought a computer game from home. I went straight to my sewing. I had to get a baby quilt done in a week.

Dinner was at the cabin, a big ole pot of Chicken and Rice soup. Bernie made a camp Blackberry cobbler for dessert.

Sunday: I was up at 6:15 and rolled out my cinnamon rolls that had been resting in the refrigerator over night. By 9:00 I was delivering them to camp. When I got there, the pot of coffee was finished and BT was frying some bacon.

I had to clerk for an auction at 12:00 at Brazito. The weather was just beautiful for the outdoor fun. It was very demanding work, you had to concentrate on the auctioneer and you couldn't talk to anyone. It was fun work, something I hadn't done for 4 or 5 years I guess. By 4:00 we were finished. I made $75.00 for a day in the country fresh air.I bought Lori a fireplace made of fiberglass with an electric log with real crackling fire sounds. It was 77 degrees when I walked in the door at 5:00 Way too hot for deer hunting.

Supper at Deer camp was a big ole pot of Beef Vegetable soup that Pat and Larraine had worked on together. I was back home by 7:00 and straight to the sewing machine.

Monday: My last day to sleep in and I was wide awake at 7. So I just got up and started sewing. A nice rain set in by mid morning and stayed all day. BT was at the cabin slow cooking a dutch oven full of beef stew. After dinner we all left the cabin. It's back to work for us all and hopefully cooler weather by next weekend.

Tuesday: WORK, Yikes!

Wednesday: Work again, but I took off at 2:00 for a hair cut and color, whoops, only my hair dresser was suppose to know that. I picked BT up at his office at 5 and we went out for Dinner at Colton's. When I got home I finished the quilt!!! Snoopy dance time!!! It is for Jennifer, BT's employee, her baby shower is Friday night.

Now it's recliner time, I can kick back and relax.

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Laurie said...

I had to go through and look at your date piecing in your quilts. It's a great idea...and you're done a good job with it.