Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

The boys enjoying their meal.
I was up about 7:00 and made a cherry pie, then I rolled out those great hot rolls and filled 3 pans with them.

At 11 we went to Lona's, she had heaters on in her garage and had the kitchen door open letting the heat roll out there. Even with the 36 degrees outside the garage was warm. She had the Turkey, baked ham, mashed potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes all ready to go. The pies were ready too, lemon, chocolate and pumpkin.

Lori brought Golden green bean casserole and the cutes Pilgrim hat treats that her and Brady had made. The hats were made with a Keebler stripped cookie and marshmellows. They tasted just like chocolate covered rabbits you get a Easter. Yummo!
We had finished eating when Buffy made her appearance.

With BT still feeling under the weather, we retreated home about 2:00. The little boys rode with us. once home Brady, Jeremy and BT carried firewood up on the deck. WE all spent a lazy afternoon, playing tiddlywinks, dominoes, legos and jenga. Jeremy BBQ venison steaks, rope sausage and chicken breast. I made a great artichoke salad and butter noodles. Once again we pigged out.

After dinner we watched the Incredibles and Lori and Jeremy left about 9:30, the boys stayed with us. Brady read most of the bedtime story and then they were out like a light.

Sarah called on her way home from work, she had a Thanksgiving dinner at work catered in. Now she was going home and Rusty's sister Stephanie was making Turkey and all the trimmings. I then called Rusty and wished him a Happy Thanksgiving, he had a Thanksgiving Breakfast at work at 7 AM.

So from the Cardwell girls....Happy Thanksgiving!

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