Sunday, November 4, 2007

A busy weekend

Starting with Friday night, it was a quick dinner of Tacos. BT meet with Jeremy and two of his friends and went gigging on the Osage. That left me at home recording shows we usually watch together. BT made it home about 10:15, they cleaned fish until midnight. In other words it was a good night on the river.

Saturday morning, I worked in the kitchen all morning. I made chicken and sausage gumbo and cleaned all the vegetables for a relish tray. At the same time I filled the crock pot with nacho beef cheese dip. The vegetables and dip were to take to Jeremy's 30th Birthday party, the gumbo was for Sunday lunch.

BT left to go to the hall to cook chili in his grandmother's kettle. By the time I got there, it was simmering away. The Fall day was perfect. Most of the time you didn't even need a coat. Sarah made it to the party by 3:30. Alex gave her a big hug and then just stared at her. Like to say "is it really you?" Brady told her more then once, it's been a long time since we've seen you.

The hall was full of Jeremy's friends. It was great to see such a big turn out. Everyone brought a dish and there was plenty of good food. We stayed till about 7:00 when Sarah and I took the boys home to stay all night with us. They entertained themselves on the computer with a new game. Bedtime for the little boys and the big boy BT came at 9:00.

Sarah and I stayed up to watch the end of Mizzou's game. 55-10 what a blow out. GO MIZZOU!
Sunday morning even with the time change the boys were up way earlier then they usually get up. Alex got in bed with us first and was the kissing bandit. It was so sweet, then Brady came and had to keep up with little brother. Grandpa had them in the living room before 7:30 watching cartoons. Grandpa started a fire in the fireplace as I was making pancakes way before 9AM.

The day was spent, riding bikes, playing catch with Bentley and getting ready for a fish fry in the afternoon.

Jeremy and Lori came and we fried fish, potatoes and made Ramen noodle coleslaw. It was great to have Sarah home because she made us dessert. It was quick Cheery Cobbler. We didn't have a cake mix, so she got out a cookbook (What she can read a cookbook?) and made it from scratch. As we ate, Lori slept on the couch, too much partying for her last night. Larraine and Amber came just as we were finishing up lunch. Thank goodness, because they took all the leftover fish home.

BT and Jeremy power washed the kettle after lunch and Sarah headed home about 3:30. It was Miami Ink marathon on TLC, so we watched about 5 episodes until Jeremy and family left. We put some more wood on the fire and relaxed in our double recliners rest of the night. Sarah made it back safely to OK City by 8:45.

Family weekends like this are to be cherished!
9:52PM 50 degrees.

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