Thursday, January 24, 2008

Guess who came to dinner?

Last night we had company over for dinner. Guess I should have given them directions, after all it had been years since there were here. It was BT's sister Grace and husband Danny. Brady was still at the house when they arrived, Grace and him had fun, she had him pinned down giving kisses. Of course Alex arrived during that time and wanted in on the action too. She told Lori, sorry I got them worked up for you to take home.

It was a hoot, Grace has the best sense of humor and always keeps you in stitches.

I fixed a big pot of Gumbo and grilled sour dough bread for dippin' Our dessert was healthy Carrot cake. If you want that recipe, I posted it several days ago. It was great, moist cake.

After dinner we retreated into the living room and did a lot of catching up.

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