Sunday, January 6, 2008

Removing the last of the Cedar Tree

The ice storm of several weeks ago all but killed a Cedar tree that we had protected for years at the end of the drive way. When we came home from Oklahoma City it was bent over and froze to the concrete. It had to be clipped to even get around. Once the tree thawed and straightened up, it was butchered to a bowl shape. Not a pretty sight, we had no choice but to cut it down, and all that was left was a stump about 6 inches high. Saturday BT decided to remove that part of it. He first dug around it to expose the buried stump. It took several tries at chain sawing it, a lot of chopping with the ax and manual labor to remove it. As you can see we had some excellent help.

That is until they got in our way and we penned them up! Just kidding, Brady decided to do it all
on his own.

Of course Bentley could care less that they were in his pen. He was on a mission to get what ever was in the big brush pile beside his kennel.

As church time approached, we cleaned the boys up and headed out. I must say they were pretty darn good in church. We took what Brady called "quiet toys" and that kept them occupied. We then met Lori at LaBamba's for dinner at 6:40. She took the boys home from there and we retreated at home to our computers and recliners.

61 degrees!

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