Friday, February 22, 2008

Great sewing weather!

Yesterday and today, it's been nasty here in mid-Missouri. Yesterday we woke to several inches of sleet on the ground.

I spent the day between sewing and looking at it spit outside. About 1:30 Bentley and I went to try to shovel it from the sidewalk. We were only out there about 10 minutes when BT came home. His office was told they could leave at 1:00. He changed clothes and got the tractor to push the ice pellets around. It was a nice break to get out, as I had been sewing most of the day. I'm still sewing on the Dear Patti Quilt.

These two blocks are being sent to a blogger friend as a house warming present. She moved to Winston-Salem North Carolina. Visit Bonnie at her blog for details on how you too can send her a house warming block.

Let me tell you about the house block I made. The red flower fabric is very, very old. I was given several yards of this fabric that came out of my Grandfather Hammer's General store. This is the only picture that I have of the store, and I love it!

So today, guess I will sew again, unless I get brave enough to venture out of the slick stuff!

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