Saturday, March 1, 2008

In like a lamb?

The last time I blogged was 6 days ago and we were sleigh riding, the temperatures were around the high 20's.

Today it was in the high 60's. Sunny and beautiful. So BT and I along with neighbor Eric burned brush piles. Here's a few pictures.

After the fire had died down enough to leave it, BT and I wash both Jeeps. Bentley played in brush piles and at one point got trapped and was howling. BT had to free his back leg to get him out. I hope the dog learned his lesson, but probably not.
By this time was was 3:30 and all our energy was zapped. We had a snack of our freshly made smoked deer sausage and cheese.
We made church by 5:15. Afterwards we had a message to call Jeremy. They were running behind to meet us for dinner, so we killed some time at the Ace Hardware Store.
Out of the mouth of babes: While eating dinner, the waitress was cleaning off a table and walked by with some dirty dishes and two happy meal boxes. Alex Perked up, his eyes got real big and he said in his deep voice, "I didn't know they had Happy Meals in here". It was so funny, us adults were laughing so hard!
We stopped at Jeremy and Lori's on the way home to see their new floor in the basement. They tore out the old carpet and put an epoxy treatment on that makes it look like tile. Looks really sharp.
Now it's tea time and a little R & R in the recliner.
9:30 60 degrees.

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