Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Saturday

Well for those of you asking about the dog with the rabbit in mouth, that is not BENTLEY! You can Google and find anything on the Internet.

BT and I left Friday morning and traveled 412 miles to Sarah's in Oklahoma City. We found Sarah and Rusty waiting and hungry. So we all piled in Sarah's car and she drove us to Lakeside Restaurant on Lake Hefner. They served huge portions, thank goodness I didn't ordered an appetizer like the rest. We had to get to go boxes. Of course Sarah and I finished our Margaritas for sure!

Saturday morning we all slept in, well except for Josie the dog. We made a little breakfast, sat around a visited and then headed out for the Oklahoma City National Memorial , the day was beautiful, warm, sunny and a light breeze was blowing. Sarah parked just across the street from the 3 story museum. After a $10 entrance fee, you take the elevator to the 3rd floor and it's a self guided tour. It presentation is unbelievable, there are video's every where, pictures, and articles from the actual site, its very moving. No one talks hardly above a whisper. It takes you from an hour before the bomb goes off until the end of the trial for the murderers. One of the last rooms you go through has all 168 pictures of each person killed, and below it is a glass box where family members put remembrance of each person, from the baby's pacifier to a can of hair spray, a bible, a rosary, a miniature sewing machine, a quilt pin, a family picture and it gets more emotional as you look at each one.

Two hours later we walked out, one of the last things I viewed was the quilt display that was there for a few weeks. The parking meter was expired. Rusty went to add more money to the meter. When he came back we were at the reflecting pool. We then walked quietly past the 168 chairs and past the two walls with the time of 9:01 and 9:03 on them.

You leave there with sadness in your heart.

Before heading home we stopped at the mall where all four of us went shopping for a set of Pots and Pans for Sarah and Rusty's Easter present. We started at Macy's but ended up in Penney's. As we were checking out, the sales clerk recognized Rusty. It was at that point that we didn't exist to her, even though I had just made the purchase. LOL

The next stop was Super Target for some vegetables to fix with the BBQ. I also picked up a big glass Anchor Hocking bowl so I could make Danish Twist.

Once we got home BT and Rusty starting grilling the chicken, brats and the big potatoes, both white and sweet potatoes. Sarah and I dyed the eggs and made potato salad for Easter Sunday as well as Caesar Salad to go with our BBQ. I also made the Danish Twist dough.

After our great meal, we watched a little TV and headed to bed about 11 PM.

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