Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Sunday

It was so nice to spend Easter in OK City, as all the Bradford pear trees were at their fullest, the daffodils were blooming, and the red buds were just starting to come on.

We had coffee and Danish twist for Breakfast. I figured we had to help the kids eat the two loaves so that it wouldn't go to waste.

Since Rusty had to go to work about 3:00, we decided to eat about 2:00. The ham was finished baking just prior to that. Sarah wanted me to make the rest of the romaine into a Caesar salad. Along with Easter eggs, jello eggs, Fresh Asparagus and potato salad our table was complete. Oh and did I mention we had a table to eat on too. They had just purchased a new beautiful iron and tile table for their patio, but since it was still a little too breezy outside they left it in for us to eat on.

After Rusty left for work, we all changed clothes and went to 5:30 mass at St John the Baptist Catholic Church It was a beautiful mass, the youth choir was excellent and that was after the priest said a lot of their members were on spring break and away for the holiday.

When we arrived back home Rusty was there on dinner break, so we all snacked around a little bit.

BT and I turned in after the late evening news, of course we had to see our favorite weatherman. We would be getting up before 8 AM to head home. In all it was a beautiful Easter Holiday, we missed not seeing the little guys and Jeremy and Lori, but then we do get to see them more then Sarah and Rusty.

So thanks Sarah and Rusty for a great visit! Love Mom

PS Sorry the camera died, we have discovered it's a lense opening and shutting issue.

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