Sunday, March 9, 2008

Remembering Clara and her Treadle Sewing machine

One thing leads to another. You know how it is, you go to get something, get side tracked and before you know it, you are one the opposite track.

That is just what happened this morning. I received an email regarding the Noah's Ark quilt. A fellow blogger Jacqui told me about her and her husband restoring antique treadle sewing machines. So BT and I went an opened the one we bought from his cousin Clara Lueckenotte about 1992.

After quite a bit of dusting we could read that it was a Franklin Model. The wood had dried out and it needs a little repair before we can even attempt to sew with it. I'm thinking with the increasing cost of electricity and the need for some physical exercise for me, sewing with a treadle might just be a good thing!

Here is a quilt that Clara had sewn the blocks just before she died, I completed the quilt and my MIL hand quilted it for me. Clara was a very unique lady, very generous in her giving and was the second born of 13 children. Clara was born 1898 and died in 1994, her mother Aunt Katie lived to be 102 years old.

Here is the machine after we dusted it off today!

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Lisa Boyer said...

Wow, what a beauty! She looks pretty good for her age...