Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My week so far

The birthday came and went. It was a fun filled day. BT took me out for brunch and a gun show at the same time.

We had a couple of hours to kill after that. It was then on to my bosses retirement party. It happened to be a full catered meal. So BT was off the hook for taking me out to dinner.

Here is Maureen pictured with her co-workers. She worked at the same place for 42 years. 42 Years! Can you imagine?

Good luck in your retirement.

Sunday, we shoveled snow again.

Monday I worked at my paying job. The grand kids spent a couple of hours with us in the evening, while their parents had their taxes prepared.

Today I worked on the borders. This is what I came up with. I
think it will really tie the blocks together.

If you haven't entered my birthday give away, you better hurry! It ends sometime tomorrow night.

Some of you mentioned that you never heard of Wade collectibles.
I drink
Red rose tea. It's my favorite hot tea. The company used to give away a Wade collectible in every box.

You now collect the UPC's
and send them in. Every UPC gets you one collectible. So for you gals and maybe one guy, I have consumed 480 cups of tea to give you these sweet little monthly figurines!

January - Snowman
February - Cupid
March - Leprechaun
April - Easter Bunny
May - Mother's Day Flowers
June - Graduation
July - Uncle Sam
August - Sandcastle
September - Scarecrow
October - Pumpkin Kitty
November - Turkey
December - Christmas Tree

They change the offer ever so often. I collected this set several years ago.

And so that is my week so far. How has yours been?


Zoey said...

That border is perfect!

Lori said...

The border looks great! It really shows off the piecing.

Worknprogress said...

Very happy birthday to you!! Your quilt border is simply beautiful!!

Rural Revival said...

Wow, that's not just any border, that's a whole other work of art!

We were supposed to have a big snow storm last night...but it didn't amount to a hill of beans. Another disappointing week of winter in my neck of the woods!

Be well ~Andrea~

Sara said...

The border is gorgeous!

Would you believe my kids have a colection of those figurines? I'd have to ask Sam to be sure, but I think it started with yard sale or auction finds. I think he still has them wrapped in toilet paper, stored in a shoe box from when we swapped bedrooms.
I tell ya, such a small world. (And our power was out for 4 days but that didn't stop us from eating pork every day. ha!)

Becky said...

Your border was beautiful! And I think it is just what was needed. Beautiful work!
Missin you!!!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Border looks fabulous! And very interesting about the Wade Collectibles and Red Rose Tea. That's a lotta tea! :) -Tammy

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

It takes a lot of tea to get a border like that going!
Thanks for everyone's support.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do go to the same church as Maureen!!! :) Small world!

Okay, I'm going to touch base with you when I return (March 1) from my trip...lunch is a definite!!! :)