Thursday, February 18, 2010

The sewing machine goes for a ride

Today the blacksmith and I left these beautiful sunny hills and went on a road trip.

My Elna Quilter's Dream machine was in dire need of some TLC. So off we went to Barnett, Missouri, to find the Top Stitch Sewing Service Company.

I knew it was in Barnett, but I thought it was on Hwy 52. Boy was I wrong. It was actually on Highway C north of Barnett. So on our way we stopped at Weaver's Country Market. Look at what 2 people can carry without a basket.

We now have smoked Swiss cheese, jalapeno cheese, chicken bouillon cubes, sausage spices, jerky spices, high gluten flour (dough is rising, as I type, for cinnamon rolls in the morning), split peas, sorghum molasses, strawberry jelly, vanilla, barley and big shell macaroni. Imagine what we could have done with a basket?

We dropped the machine off at the shop. In the yard next to the shop was a snowman family. The blacksmith counted 11 snow people. Forgive me I have sinned. I had the camera and did not take a picture.

Coming home we made a couple of stops, tractor dealership, Wal-Mart, and a couple of junk shops. We found leather work gloves for a $1.00 at one shop. At a truckload overstock store we found a brand new Carthartt zipper front hooded sweatshirt for $2.00.

It was a beautiful day to be roaming in the countryside.


Anonymous said...
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katie said...

Sounds like you had a really fun day.
I love Weavers.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love Weavers! I go every time I get up your way. blessings, marlene

Flat Creek Farm said...

Fun day! Reminds me I am having withdrawals from not going to the Amish stores :( Hope you get your Elna back soon :) -Tammy

Rachel O'Donnell said...

Hi Patti and thanks for your comment on my blog! I will have to start reading your blog to see what kind of quilts you are working on :) Have a great weekend!

Rachel O'Donnell said...
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Sara said...

Didn't take a picture of the snowmen? doh!

Always making me hungry with your country market shopping trips and homemade cinnamon rolls! I can practically smell them darnit!

Dandy said...

Wow, you came home with some factastic treasures!!

Annie Jones said...

Finally getting around to reading some of your earlier posts. I know where Weaver's is, but where is this truckload overstock store you mentioned? I love those kind of stores.