Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mom is in town!

The blacksmith's mother is home from Texas for a couple of weeks. After doing our grocery and errand shopping on Tuesday, we picked her up at BT's sisters house.

It's always good to visit with her. Nothing like talking in person, rather than over the phone or the web cam.

She and I quilted Tuesday afternoon. She is a pro at quilting. She has done it many more years than I have.

I stopped about 4:00 and made a big pot of split pea and ham soup. At dinner time the grand kids and their parents came. So great grandma got to see the little ones.

After dinner, the guys worked on grinding pork and venison. Jeremy will be smoking 100 pounds of deer sausage this weekend.

I took the MIL home about 8:00 PM.

Wednesday morning, I set a pan of cinnamon rolls to rise. As I put them into the oven, the blacksmith went to pick up his mom. She was coming for breakfast. I fried some sausage and made another pot of coffee.

While we quilted after breakfast, I cooked a big pot of the pork left over from sausage making.

After the meat cooked off the bones, BT and Mom ground the meat. She then made us a huge batch of panhaus. I froze about 7 containers. She cooked enough to make three pans full.
For those of you not familiar with panhaus; it is cooked pork, some of the broth, salt, pepper, cloves, allspice, cornmeal and flour. You cook it until it's very thick and then pour into loaf pans. After it is cooled, usually overnight in the refrigerator, you slice and fry it. OMG so good!
Here BT lifts the heavy pan while Mom scrapes out the panhaus into the loaf pans.

The rest of the afternoon, she and I quilted. We reached the half way mark.
She wanted to go home before I started dinner. Needless to say we had some extra fried chicken left after dinner, since I had bought and fixed enough for three.
This evening we will go to BT's sister house. Mom is making lasagna and 4 homemade pies for all the family tonight. She has cleaned out some of her storage and is having a lottery drawing for her kids.
As for now, it's time to fry some panhaus for breakfast, and then back to my quilting!


Flat Creek Farm said...

Precious photos, and some quality visiting time. Panhaus sounds delicious. I just love it that she uses the web cam! Web-Savvy gal! -Tammy

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Yes Tammy for 82 she is a really cool lady. She never used a computer until she got remarried at 71 and moved to Texas. That was after living in Missouri for 71 years too!I couldn't have asked for a better MIL.

katie said...

So nice to be able to spend time with loved ones, and especially to be able to quilt together.
I have never heard of Panhaus but it's ingredients sounded some what like scrapple. We don't have it around here, but my children's father ate in on the east coast when he was in military. It was good.

Dar said...

I don't suppose you will be sharing the amts. of ingredients so we can make a batch of that panhaus...?
Sounds wonderful...we make our own sausage too. Makes me crave some.

LOL, my verification word is'casings'

Zoey said...

How wonderful that you and your MIL get along so well. I love to hear stories like this one.

I have never heard of Panhaus, but it does sound like something my husband might like.

I love the pic of the two of you working on your family reunion quilt.

Lori said...

How nice that you have such a good relationship with your MIL. And panhaus sounds yummy!

Jackie said...

That is so great that you love spending time with your MIL. Well, the panhaus sounds really, really good to me right now. I hope you have a great visit. My Mom is coming to visit this weekend too.


Missouri Gal Nicole said...

That's great she's there to help you quilt and see the kids!
I went deer hunting for the first time this year. Got sick opening day. Needless to say, I never saw a deer.
I'm still working on binding my quilt...when I'm not outside.

Sara said...

What a cool MIL! You don't find ladies like that so much anymore.

I think I want to try making Panhaus, too. Sounds like it's right up our alley.

All that food. I'm starving now. Thanks. ;-)