Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Does anybody do Cross stitching anymore?

If you will remember from my last post, hubby and I cleaned out our bookcase. In it I came upon these cross stitch magazine and instructional booklets. I have 37 in all.

I use to love to do the stitching. I've now decided to part with these. My eyes will thank me.

So for you bloggers one there, if anyone is interested, they all can be yours for $40. That's about $1.00 a piece and a little left over for postage. This is quite a bargain, had you bought them brand new.

The first one to raise their hand can buy them. If you have questions about more particulars, just let me know.


Deanna said...

My eyes won't let me do cross stitching any more. If you don't get any takers on blog, try Craigslist. We've sold a lot of items there.

I cannot remember what your mother's name is. We'll check on her next time we go by SV. Thanks for the update on Jim's mom. It is her birthday on St. Patrick's day.

Sara said...

Alas, just another thing I don't do. :-( Or I guess, haven't since Girl Scouts.
But I do enjoy seeing other people's work.