Monday, March 8, 2010

It's awful quiet around here now

It all started last Thursday when we needed to get the house ready for company.

Here the Blacksmith and I clean out a much over loaded bookcase. Our local library has a sale once a year. They sell donated books for the A.B.L.E. program (Adult reading program). Needless to say we made a very generous donation.

Friday I set a batch of cinnamon rolls. See my
recipe here. After I stored it in the refrigerator I met the school bus and picked up the two grandsons. DIL was on a sister's weekend shopping trip.

6:00 pm daughter Sarah and Rusty arrived from Oklahoma City. Hubby and I start on dinner, fried bluegill, hand breaded shrimp, homemade onion rings and french fries. Oh lard help us! I did throw in ramen coleslaw. Son Jeremy showed up just as we were setting the table.

Jeremy and the boys left about 8:30.

Saturday morning, I was up early to set my 2 pans of rolls.

A little butter never hurt.

Lots of brown sugar can't hurt either.

Rise baby rise!

A light drizzle of icing. Never too much.

Jeremy arrived with the boys about 8:00, he would be butchering hogs all day.
The cinnamon rolls were done about 10:30. Alex was disappointed we weren't having fried eggs for breakfast. It makes me think, fried eggs would have been a whole lot easier.

Saturday was beautiful. I delivered Brady for a birthday/swim party. Rusty played Frisbee golf. Sarah and I went to T J Maxx, and Grandpa took care of Alex. It was then time to BBQ.
Brady and Alex stayed all night with us Saturday night. Sarah attended a double bridal shower.
Sunday turned out to be just as beautiful. Rusty played Frisbee golf with the boys in the yard. They played catch, rode the 4 wheeler, rode the 4 wheeler again, and rode it again.

Lori came over after her weekend shopping trip. She caught Sarah and I making egg rolls. We also made Mongolian beef.

For the first time I had to add a table in the dining room. Even with Elizabeth in the high chair, 8 was too many for our dining table. A card table made just enough room for us all.

Elizabeth is enjoying her appetizers.

Jeremy, Lori and the kids left Sunday evening about 7:30. Sarah and Rusty would leave Monday morning, after I had gone to work.
Tonight we moved the quilt frame back to the front of the living room. The company is all gone now. Quilting will give me something to do this week. Rain is to set in tonight and is predicted for the next 4 days. If my fingers hold up I should have it out of the frame in 2-3 days.
Speaking of quilts. Several weeks ago I bought some pretty pink fabric. I cut it into 4 1/2 inches squares and mailed it to Valerie for Granny. Granny makes wonderful quilts every week. In this post you can see the quilt she made from my fabric. Feel free to send squares to Valerie.
Time for the recliner now.
Cloudy, 61 degrees, 9:34 PM


Down On The Farm said...

What a wonderful weekend you had. Family is wonderful. What a blessing! And by the way, your cinnamon rolls looked DELICIOUS! Don't you hate it when you work and work and they would rather have had somethinge easy :)!!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Sounds like you've had a really busy weekend! Next time I come up there can we meet for a coke and you bring cinnamon rolls? :) Are you still working? blessings, marlene

Life is good! said...

wow! you wore me out just reading about all the cooking and baking and grandmothering you did. i'll bet it was a wonderful weekend!

Zoey said...

What a fun family weekend. Your cinnamon rolls look so good. I had DH buy yeast 4 weeks ago because I had planned to make some. So far I have not gotten to it.

Happy quilting!

Jackie said...

Sounds like a really great weekend. Nothing better than a house full of family! The rolls look delicious...especially since I'm not eating any of that kind of stuff right now...bummer.

70 degrees and sunny here today...hope it is there too.


Deanna said...

Cinnamon rolls are a lot of work, but oh so tasty. Eggs would definitely have been easier.

Wow you have been busy!

Anonymous said...


Missouri Bloggers:


Sara said...

hee1 Zoey, I had my husband fetch yeast and high gluten flour, too. And *still* no cinnamon rolls! Soon, though, soon.

Cute picture of you and Sarah making egg rolls. I want some egg rolls! And Mongolian beef and barbecue...

65 degrees here today. hooray!!!

Nezzy said...

Baby hold me back, those cinnamon rolls look amazing! The whole dang meal sounds like something very satisfying but my Doc would not be happy with me. Heeeheehe! The cholesterol thang'!

God bless and enjoy this marvelous day!!!

Lori said...

I should have never read this post in the middle of the afternoon after a very light lunch. Now, I'm starving!