Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gardening yesterday

I see that the lilac bush that Tammy from Flat Creek gave me last year is surviving. Now if I can just watch for the little white rod when mowing. I can't wait to smell it's lilac blooms. I will be able to see them out my window when I sew.

We got the first of the garden put in yesterday. Here is row one of the potatoes. The ground worked nice for being a first time garden spot.

Thanks to this new guy that came home with us Tuesday night, the soil became more workable.

After we finished gardening, we cleared off some more woods.

Today is girls day. I am meeting some blogger peeps for lunch. More on that tonight.

Rain, 46 degrees.


Jackie said...

I'm so jealous that you got to work in your garden. I don't think I'm going to get out there for a couple of weeks and I'm just so ready.

Looking forward to hearing about your day out with your blogger peeps!


Rural Revival said...

Me too! It's just too early to plant anything in this neck of the woods. Enjoy your lunch!


katie said...

Our ground here in Warsaw is like walking on a full sponge. Rained yesterday last night and today.
I will keep on eye out for you at The Gathering. I'll be around Saltbox Primitive Woolens some of the time. Hope to meet you.


Happy@Home said...

I love lilacs, but they don't do too well here in NC. It looks like you have a lot of room for a nice big vegetable garden. I just have a small veggie garden, but I enjoy playing around in it. I planted some seeds a couple of weeks ago and they are popping out now. So exciting.
Hope you have fun with the bloggers.

soggibottom said...

We have things in the garden now too. We thought we had been out there for 2 hours... we had been out for six. Time flys when your having fun. Because of our colder than usual weather, everything has a covering of fleece. All warm and snug ! xxx

Dar said...

Potatoes love new turned ground. You should have a surprising crop. Have a blast gardening and sewing while you watch your lilac grow.

Deanna said...

That gardening looks like so much fun. (I can't believe I just said that). It's a good thing you did it when you did, considering the rain we've had since then.

I like your new toy :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

Yay for the lilac!! I too am jealous that you're able to work in the dirt. We will have mud here forever - I truly believe it.

Sarah said...

My grandma's lilac bush has a HUGE damn sumac tree growing up the middle of it. It's going to be a real bugger to get it out of there.