Saturday, July 24, 2010


We made a trip this week to Oklahoma. Sarah and I had a couple of appointments to find a wedding dress for her. They are wanting a March wedding.

The blacksmith snapped this picture as we were heading out.

Our first appointment was in Edmond at Bella Rose.
It is so appropriate, since Sarah's middle name is Rose.
The second dress she tried on there so far is the favorite.

We saw hems like this one.

Backs like this one. Too big! Did I mention she needs a size 4 dress. So why is it then that hardly any of the nicer shops had anything smaller than an 8?

I had lots of couch time.
I waited and waited for the champagne.
Why is it on the wedding shows on TV the mother gets champagne?
I was never offered.

There was the one shoulder dress.

There were strapless with gathers.

There were halters.

More hems, this one in layers.

There were off the shoulders.

Backs that laced.

More gowns that were too big.
That's when the big clamps came into use.

Then we found this store.
J J Kelley.
Now had we stayed there, I'm sure I would have gotten champagne.
When Sarah told them her budget, the clerk said,
"Oh honey I'm so sorry, we don't have a dress in the shop under $1800.00."
It was a quick exit for us.

And then we found Bridal Showroom.
Sarah tried on several off the rack dresses closest to her size.
The tailor was busy with a client, so we headed home.
But first we stopped at McD's for 2 free Iced Mocha's.
Of course somehow, 3 oatmeal raisin cookies followed us out.
Once home we called every bridal shop in Oklahoma City and out lying suburbs.
No one could get the dress that was her favorite in size 4 unless we bought it.
Several offered to get a size 6 to try on for a $40 fee.
Sarah then called shops in Missouri, from Springfield, Joplin, Columbia, Jefferson City, Tipton and more. Same results as those in Oklahoma. No size 4.
With not many options left we called the Bridal Showroom and made an appointment for Wednesday to meet the tailor.

At noon on Wednesday, we met Mostafa Moghbel, Moe for short. He started working in his father's tailor shop at the age of 7. He is a fifth-generation tailor. Once you tell him what you are looking for it's very evident that he loves his work.

Sarah gave him a photo of the dress she liked. Immediately, he started sketching the front of a dress. He then sketched the back, talking as he drew. As he went, he asked questions, colors, fabric, day or evening wedding, etc.
She told him of the fabric overlay. Immediately he said "Honey, I have fabric for you". He went to the back and brought back a large tube of the most beautiful fabric. But he hung his head and said "Honey I don't know if there is enough". He then proceeded to pull off yards at a time and measuring it between his arms. If fell to the floor in the most graceful pile. Finally he said "Honey, yes I think there is enough".
We spent close to an hour with him. He told us about his wife, his house fire, and his business. He told us that he didn't need a decision today, but we should think about it. We have until September to decide. But I don't think we will wait that long. I'm pretty sure we have found the dress and the dressmaker of Sarah's dreams.


Nancy said...

oh, how exciting...a dress JUST for her...

Zoey said...

How exciting to be a MOB! I think you should have been given some champagne while you waited--I guess free Iced Mocha's will have to do! :).

I can't believe they have a $40 try-on charge! I guess I am glad that I will never be a MOB...too much stress!

I cannot wait to hear all the details during the next nine months!

Above all, have FUN and enjoy this unique experience. I will live it vicariously through your posts.

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

We found Brit's dress in Lebanon. They have a very nice store down there. I think it's called Norman's. Looks like you all had a good time!

Janet said...

Isn't it fun to watch your daughter try on so many pretty dresses? The first shop you went to is about 1 mile from my sisters house - I thought it kind of looked familiar. I think there is a darling children's shop near there too. Looking forward to all the future MOB blog posts!

Bernie said...

Your daughter is going to be a beautiful looking forward to your post the next few months, should be fun.....:-)Hugs

Barb said...

I loved looking at the dresses with you...glad you found a solution and I can't wait to see the dress when it is done...

Tipper said...

Oh how exciting for you both : ) The last option of the wonder tailor and the dress sounds like a perfect fit!

Lori said...

How fun and exciting! Enjoy this time Mom!

Becky said...

Glad you got to do that with her. I never got to dress shop with my mom. Although I made my first one with her sewing machine, at her house, the week before that wedding. There will be a lot more time and thought put into this one.

Anonymous said...


StitchinByTheLake said...

This had to be not just fun for you, but also a time of memories revisited as well as memory making. When I dress shopped with my girls for their weddings I kept seeing them in their Easter and Christmas dresses....when they were 3. :) blessings, marlene

GardenofDaisies said...

You tried on so many pretty dresses! But how excited you must have been to find that Moe could **make** the dress for her!! Can't wait to see more pics!