Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

As I type this at 6:30 PM, it's 95 degrees here in Mid-Missouri. The humidity is at 56% and we are under a heat advisory. AND it's only JULY! What the heck will August be like?

Anyway, the pumpkins are blooming. Such a cool star shaped bloom. The grandsons are so excited to be growing pumpkins. The seeds came from some pumpkins they carved a year or two ago.

These are Patty Pan squash. Something you don't hear of too often. It's a very firm fleshed squash.
Now does this say hooray for the red, white and blue or what? We've made 5 batches of blackberry jelly. Yes "we". The hubby is a big help. He runs the food mill, which removes the seeds. He also cold packs the jars in the garage. He uses his camp stove to keep the heat out of the kitchen.
Isn't this the cutest t-towel ever? Thanks Nancy!

Look at these sliced tomatoes. Don't they make your mouth water? Tammy from Flat Creek gave us some Black Oxheart plants. This was our first harvest. There is no comparison to the hybrid plants vs the heirloom!

Today the grandsons came over for a couple of hours. I had some bananas that needed to be used up. (Note to self . . .do not buy Aldi's bananas again). Alex loves banana bread. So after baking a blackberry pie and making a batch of granola, he and I made banana bread. This wasn't
his first try either. Click on that if you want the recipe.

Now it's time to R and R in the recliner where it's nice and cool!


Ann On and On... said...

The hot weather doesn't slow you down....
The blackberry jelly sounds SOOOOO good.

Rural Revival said...

I love seeing kids in the kitchen, especially boys, what great memories for him. And since my last banana bread attempt was a disaster, I think I'll just have to try that recipe!

Stay cool! ~Andrea~

PS Those tomatoes look out of this world!

soggibottom said...

WE HAVE RAIN... GOOD DOWN POUR "STUFF" you see in the movie's.
x x x We do not however have red berries on our blackberries.

Dar said...

Oh My, your jelly and tomatoes look soooo like they want to be mine. It has been forever since I've make blackberry jelly. You give me incentive.
Grands in the kitchen is such a pleasure to watch...all of mine love to bake and cook, stir and lick. It's so satisfying to watch their interest.

Lori said...

I had pattypan squash two years ago for the first time. I love to slice it, fry it in a little butter and sprinkle with brown sugar. Not the healthiest but sure is yummy that way.

SheilaC said...

I feel your pain, but please don't send that weather east!

And how did you BAKE in that heat???

You are amazing!


Flat Creek Farm said...

I finally picked an oxheart today with the slightest blush of color. And no rotten bottom on this one! Yours look yummy, well... everything does. You've been busy as usual and as I said before, nothing goes to waste at your house!! Way to go, Alex, on the cooking. It all sounds good! Stay cool! -Tammy

Becky said...

same temps in KC. And under flood adviseries. Actually rooting for a good rain to fall asleep to. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Love your encouragement!

Bernie said...

We are having a huge thunder/lighterning storm in Alberta.
Your post is making me hungry but everything sounds so good.....Hugs

Rural Rambler said...

Oh boy! Bet it smelled good in your kitchen :) Those tomatoes are awesome!

The heat! Missouri knows how to bring on summer with the hot, hazy, HUMID combination.

Zoey said...

It was 73 degrees with 79 percent humidity at 6:00 a.m. this morning and I thought that was bad! I guess it's a good thing this Missouri-born girl moved north! LOL. I don't envy you that weather!

I am amazed at all the canning and preserving you do. I bet everyone loves to come to dinner at your place!

Littlebit said...

We've been having that same type of weather here in the heartland..seems like winter was just over and I am already looking forward to fall. Your jelly looks yummy!

Deanna said...

Jim and the grandsons worked outside almost all day while I took it easy. Every once in awhile I walked out to see how they were doing. It was like walking into a sauna!

I've found Aldi's bananas don't last at all... but I like most of the rest of their stuff. Isn't it nice to have a helpful hubby?

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

I'm going to come raid your garden! TEE HEE