Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Half way week

Here are my pot holders I won last night. They were made by Debbie who has Deb's place blog. Her mother is a blogger friend of mine and she recognized me at the first quilt guide meeting

It was a great night at the Missouri River Quilt guild, it was picnic night. Everyone brought a dish . . .  cakes, casseroles, fried chicken, hand dipped chocolate covered cherries, scones, fresh sliced tomatoes, bruschetta,  meatballs, and the list goes on and on. After all there were over 70 ladies there! 

Here is a pic of the blacksmith and his friend Kenny, as they prepared to leave on their 8 day hunting trip. Can you see who is guarding the jeep?

I wasn't the only one that didn't want him to leave. 

So while the cat is away, the mouse will play!
I found this antique soap holder on my first stop at the antique store. 

This ice scraper was only $2, maybe it doesn't look great to you, but the service station it came from belonged to the blacksmith's uncle! 

This was my jack pot find. It's Rowe Pottery dated 1993, and I am so proud of myself for asking if they would take less, then offering $10 less than it was marked, and got it!

I can't wait to see what rest of my week will produce.


Terry said...

Love the pottery piece and that little turtle is so cute! :0)

Marge said...

Oh oh. Does the Blacksmith know how dangerous it is to leave you alone with the checkbook? Great finds on your first trip out! Well, one does have to have something to occupy oneself when the master is gone! Have fun!

Deanna said...

All of that in day one? The pot holders are cute. 70 ladies in the guild is quite impressive! Can't wait to see what other devilment you get into in the next 7 days!

Mary G Shipman said...

Great post!