Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to normal

The blacksmith made it home shortly after noon on Sunday. It was so good to have him back home.  Being gone eight days only makes the heart grow fonder! 

The son and family invited us over for a birthday dinner last night. His fried fish was excellent! I had baked the blacksmith a birthday cake, white cake with chocolate icing. He confirmed this was his brother's favorite kind, after I was warned by the daughter it was wrong. His favorite is chocolate cake with white icing! In this picture he seems to be pretty pleased with his cake topper.

It is a small anvil I found last week in an antique store.It is from the 1904 World's Fair that was held in St Louis Missouri. The anvil celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Louisiana purchase in 1804.

Since's he's back, I guess my antiquing days are over with for a while. However I did find some great finds.

You probably heard me squeal Saturday when I found not one but two of these fans. Hilltop Market was an IGA grocery store that my aunt and uncle owned from sometime in the 40's to the late 60's. Now my sister and I each have a parlor/funeral fan from Uncle Ross and Aunt Tessie's store!

This, I purchased yesterday from EBay. I priced this same machine locally and it was $150 higher. It will be my first attempt at machine embroidery.

This I also purchased from EBay, a naked blacksmith! Need I say more?  It will be made into a necklace.

Praise the Lord, we finally got rain yesterday. It was our first measurable rain since March.  Looks like about 1/2 inch was in the rain gauge!

Grand baby is doing great. He's 22 weeks now.  Isn't she cute!

Now back to normal, what ever that is . . .


Terry said...

Love the naked blacksmith coin! And congratulations on the rain!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Happy belated B-day, BT! Daughter is lookin' great! And, I love allll of your goodies. I may have to try and git that little anvil when nobody's looking (would be great for jewelry makin').. and it goes w/o saying.. that nekkid blacksmith is simply awesome :-p
Happy Embroidering!

Karen said...

I love the cake topper.. what a great find! .. and that coin.. awesome!....

Deanna said...

Happy Birthday to the Blacksmith. You got him the perfect birthday present, even if you did blow it on the cake. :)

We got right under an inch of rain. Loved it.

If you need any tips on embroidery, just hollar. OK? It looks like you found a good one!

Your new grandbaby is looking so fine... so is Sara!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Oh lucky you getting that much rain! We only ever get about a tenth. It's been that way all summer. Hoping Isaac will bring a little rain our way. Not that I wish any bad weather for the other folks!

Lise said...

So many things to be grateful for! I love your blog, and having met you through it, and really appreciate the joy you find in the simple things in life.

So very happy you have had rain, and if Isaac keeps on the current path, you will have more to come! Hopefully in small doses. Yeah for you:)