Saturday, August 11, 2012

Drought 2012 in Mid-Mo

Wild life has been abundant in our yard lately. The birds are thirsty. The deer are hungry. Yesterday there were these 7 eating from our feeder. One day we saw 1, next day 3, now it's a herd. 

Last night, something killed this dog. 

It killed part of one plant too.

The entire bed was dug up almost all the way around. Our guess is an armadillo. (No actual dog was harmed in the previous photos.)

It's so dry here. Look at my tree in the front yard. Look at the dead grass too.

The pampas grass is usually 5-6 feet tall with 10 foot plumes. I doubt this is even 36 inches tall.

My three year old lilac bush from Tammy at Flat Creek Farms. I doubt it will come back.

The only green showing in front is along the sidewalk.

The blacksmith has worked hard at keeping the tomatoes alive. Some days it seems they are just alive, not much on producing. Same way with the pepper plants, they are alive, but not producing.

I was so excited that I finally got a start of the old fashioned sweet peas, and then this happened.

We gave up on the back garden. It took three days of gathering a hand full of green beans to make one serving for the two of us.

I was watering these every night, and do you think they appreciated it? I finally quit about 5 days ago. 

This was a bleeding heart given to me by my co-worker. I'm hoping it just went dormant for the season.

My maiden hair grass, surprise lilies, day lilies and pink cone flowers . . . done for.  Even the goose looks dead.

I'm pretty sure, from my house to your house, it's all brown . . . 


GerryART said...

While we rec'd half-an inch a couple nites ago, there's no way the vegetation is relieved.
Mother Nature's having her way.

Joy Tilton said...

Yes ma'am, it looks like that down here in Arkansas too. Sad, everything is so burnt up. We've had rain, a little and cooler temps so things feel better but the damage is done. No matter where you go the fields are empty of hay and cattle... not a good thing. We had extreme heat last year too for 2 months and the trees dropped leaves but didn't lose any, Mother Nature plans ahead.

Karen said...

OH boy, you really are in a drought! We've got heat and humidity, but thankfully we've also had some rain. Hoping you all get some soon....

Annie said...

Yep, it's pretty much the same story on the west side of the state. It might be slightly less dry and crunchy here, but not by much.

Flat Creek Farm said...

It's so sad :( I did love this post though. Patti, somehow you managed a little humor in all of this drought crap. {let's all have a moment of silence..
for the lilac and everything else} Dang it! Same story here! -Tammy p.s. Armadillos.. oh no!!!!!!! another occupation for BT, it sounds to me :)

Deanna said...

Your place looks like mine! We've been seeing so much wildlife close to the house, just trying to survive. We see deer on our pond bank all of the time. I've never seen the likes of this summer before and hope to never again!

Will get back to you about the emb. machine soon. Need to figure some things out.

PS. Only had one LI Tea last night. One was enough!

Colleen said...

I so wish I could send you some of the rain we have had. I havent had to water everyday this summer even with the hot temperatures. Wouldnt it be nice if the weather scientists actually talked about weather changes caused by the 100 year swing of the Earth being closer to the sun. and how us mortals can prepare.

Dora, the Quilter said...

Yes, horrible drought here in NM too---I am so grateful for every drop of rain and so sad when we get rain but it's so little we can count the drops.
Our little local airport said 0 inches last month and again this month, even when there have been at least two occasions with little puddles. It's still not enough to sustain any real growth--except for the sunflowers, which do not seem to mind.

Doreen said...

Until a week, or so, ago, that is pretty much what it looked like here, too. We have had some limited rainfall here (extreme S.E.MN) so the grass is, once again, green. The corn is struggling.....much has started dying/drying without setting ears. Much loss around here. Drizzle/rain forecast for tonight....we are praying! The Mississippi River is so low that the shipping channel is just barely deep enough to support the barge traffic....unreal! Enjoyed reading your post and feeling your heartbreak;-{

Lise said...

Wow, I am so sorry. I sure wish there was a way we could share some of the great rain we have been getting in the mountains...I know we are fortunate!