Thursday, October 31, 2013

Winner, Winner, BBQ Dinner

Yes once again I have WON!  Last week the tool box, this week free lunch for my co-workers. Yes I am retired, but when I entered in the drawing way back in February I was still employed there. Believe me, the linemen always enjoy free food.

I had entered via email at KAT country radio 94.3.   I put on the email, I was employed part-time and should I not answer, call my co-worker Julie. So Monday she got the call!

Today Hilley showed up with smoked pulled pork, BBQ Ribs, BBQ brisket, slaw, baked beans, the best homemade chips (4 different flavors), cookies, ice cold tea and all the necessary serving things, compliments of Lutz's BBQ!

For some reason they made me go first!

 Look at the awesome food. Check out those chips!

 Lunch with old friends!

Since it was Halloween they included some beautiful treats courtesy of cold Stone Creamery. These apples were to die for!

Gotta go now . . .I'm off to buy a lottery ticket! Hopefully the third time is a charm!


JerryC said...

I agree with you. Time to buy those lottery tickets. Enjoyed the post about the Branson area, also.

Zoey said...

LOL. I was just going to say go buy a lottery ticket! Luck does seem to come in three's.

Janna and Mike said...

Yep, I would be out getting a lottery ticket--lunch with old friends is always fun!

Vicki Lane said...

Good grief! What an amazing meal! Those apples are gorgeous.

Lise said...

GF, you have the touch!!! That BBQ looks amazing, and the apples are making my mouth water. I'm sure your co-workers were happy to see you again, to say the least:) Next time I see you, would you rub some of that special touch on me?

Down On The Farm said...

You are a lucky duck!!! Congratulations!!! I LOVE Lutz's BBQ. And the chips. I LOVE the CHIPS!!!!