Friday, February 26, 2016

One more . . . .

I did a little research on a lady recently. (Thank you Google!) Her name was Nora Lydia Pries, she was born in 1898. 
 Nora and William Brandt

She  married  William Carl Brandt and had 4 sons according to the 1940 census in Illinois. At that time her boys were: Leroy 18,  Floyd 8, Wayne 6, and Delmar was one year old. They lived on Second street in St. Peters, Illinois.

In my search I found that her husband died in 1952 at the Jefferson Barracks Veterans Hospital. He was born August 11, 1892, this making him only 59 when he died. She was widowed at the age of 54. Nora died on July 13, 1982, at the age of 84.

Further in my  search, I am pretty sure she married some years later to a Mr. Washington. In her son Leroy's obituary in 1968, it listed his mother as Nora Washington. Leroy was injured in World War II and lost the use of both legs. I found quite a military story about Leroy on line. 

I could search further, but then this is not my family. Nor am I related any way to this lady. Why does she intrigue me?

Because I bought her sewing machine this week. 

You see, her name was on one of the boxes in the side storage area. There is even a spool of Singer sewing thread. I've never seen that before.

It's a true Martha Washington cabinet with the badge to prove it!

The cabinet is not perfect, but it's been around for a long time. How long I'm not sure, my guess is the 20's or 30's. 

The White Rotary machine is in great shape. It sews well. It will be better when the blacksmith gets around to degreasing it and freshening it up, along with some oil.  The White company was incorporated in 1876.

It has the most unique plug that I have ever seen. 

I had originally planned on looking at this machine for  my sister.  She wanted the cabinet. If not for her, a friend in Australia (who also lives part time in the states) was interested. But when we got there, I was once against intrigued with the cabinet, the machine, and the history. 

Did I mention that this is now my 18th machine?  Who says I don't have a problem?


Val said...

Wow! I love the cabinet but I love hearing her history. Amazing we have this info at our fingertips.

Deanna said...

I've never said you don't have a. Problem a single time - but it is a good problem. I love your collection! How amazing is it to have the history to go with it. I too love that cabinet.

L ACKLEY said...

Such an amazing story! Thanks for sharing. I so wish that I had the history in a couple if my machine.

L ACKLEY said...

Such an amazing story! Thanks for sharing. I so wish that I had the history in a couple if my machine.

Y said...

LOVED reading what you found about the owner!!! Sewing machines and genealogy! Can't get much better!

Down On The Farm said...

If you have to have an "addiction" I'd say an addiction to sewing machines is fairly harmless!!! What an interesting hobby!!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Love it that you found the history on the former owner.. interesting! You can never have too many machines, Patti!