Monday, February 22, 2016

Two quilts go to new homes

Did you ever do something just gave you that warm fuzzy feeling?  Well I recently did.

A lady in our community passed away on New Years Eve. Leona was 95 years young. I say that because she was a quilt piecer who was still sewing right up to the time of her death. I had the privilege of knowing her for about 45 years. The blacksmith knew her even longer. His parents and Leona and her husband were not only neighbors but friends. Their kids grew up together, went to school together, and ran around together. 

In 1993, the year we moved into this house, I won one of her quilts at our church picnic. It is queen size with a lone star in the middle and log cabin blocks around it. I used it for several years. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was reorganizing my quilts and decided it was time to pass it on. One of Leona's grandsons is in our neighborhood. I asked his wife Jennifer if Brian had any of his grandmother's quilts. She told me just one. 

I invited them over and gave it to Brian. I explained it had been gently used but well loved and taken care of. I also had two matching pillows. 

In my stash I also had a quilt my son Jeremy won in his senior year of high school, 1996. It was given away at his high school project graduation. He really didn't seem to be interested in keeping it, so together we devised a plan. 

This quilt was also made by Leona. Jeremy and his classmates, including Leona's grand daughter Tami, signed the blocks.  So I sent her a Facebook message and asked if she would like a quilt her grandmother had pieced. Of course she said yes. I didn't tell her what the quilt was until she arrived.

In the center of this picture you will see Tami's signature.

Top right, you can see my son Jeremy's name.

The Blair Oaks class of 1996. Which reminds me, this year will be their 20th class reunion. (Not that I'm old enough to have a son that age!)

Here is a picture of the entire quilt. 

Giving away something that has meaning to these two grand kids made me feel good. 

Life is good.


Marsha said...

Beautiful quilts. With a history and a story.

Doreen Auger said...

I am sure the blessings went out in huge bundles of quilty love!!! Your gift ideas were truly inspired. So sweet!!!! Sending (really) warm Texas hugs to you..............

Janna and Mike said...

Definitely a warm, fuzzy feeling!

Down On The Farm said...

A very nice gesture from a very nice person. I know they were thrilled to receive those.

Anonymous said...

Two little words unlocked a whole year of memories: Blair Oaks. Most of my early years were spent split between LA and Phoenix until 1971: the year that we spent "back east". Moving to a small rural community where every kid knew who I was long before I knew they existed, gave that teenager a whole different perspective... once I got over the culture shock. Who knew there was such a thing as Donkey Basketball?! Thanks for the memories, cousin!