Friday, February 5, 2016

The "almost" birthday present.

We drove 102 miles in the early morning hours to go to an auction. There was nothing there the blacksmith really wanted for himself. But there was something I wanted. 


We arrived an hour after the sale started, so it was was kind of hard to look through everything. However this Iman Action service had a great set up. You could sit in a nice heated building and see just what they were selling via televisions all throughout the room. If only they would have given me a paddle with my number, then I would've  felt like I was at a Sotheby's auction

Just to show you a few things that were auctioned. 

This bow tie quilt went for $120.

 Sold for $110

 Sold for $75

 Sold for $50

 Sold for $95

 Lone Star Sold for $85

 Flower garden with hole sold for $40

 Appliqued sold for $85

School house sold for $90

 I didn't get this price.

 I didn't get this price either. 

 Sold for $40

 Sold for $125

 Log Cabin sold for $50

 Coverlets sold for $20 each

 I wanted this Noah's ark rug but when we left, they were no where close to selling it.

This wall hanging was actually a rug too, again we left before it sold.

Well what did we get?  2 hamburgers.  Not the beautiful oak hall tree. As we walked out the door, the blacksmith said "sorry I didn't get it bought for your birthday". It went for $300 above what we were willing to pay.

But Life is still good!  It was a fun day.  


Janna and Mike said...

Those quilts were beautiful and the prices heartbreaking!! So sorry you didn't get your birthday present!

Barb said...

The quilts were just awesome but sold so cheaply. thanks for showing them and happy birthday!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

That is a beautiful hall tree, sorry you didn't get it. The quilts seem to have sold cheaper than I would have thought!
Happy Birthday! (You look much younger than that!) Have a great weekend.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Those beautiful star quilts were worth so much more than they sold for...I'm still drooling over the one with the orchid background. Actually, all those quilts sold for bargain prices. Sorry you didn't get the hall aunt had one similar & I wonder whatever happened to it.