Saturday, May 9, 2009

Auction at Stover MO

Pictures from today auction. The only thing we bought was time with friends and a little food from the concession stand. It was a beautiful day in the country.

Lot of straight chairs

Spinning wheel

Walking plows

Neat old wagon


Green depression glass, Clark's Teaberry gum holder

Cream separator


Hundreds of ashtrays

Walnut dresser with marble top and beveled mirror

Jadite ashtray

Walnut Hall tree

Unique rifle stock legged table

Mosaic table top. I left a bid, but itsold for $90. $20 more then I left a bid for.

To see the Blacksmith items from the sale please visit


Sara said...

So many things to drool over. And Mark would've tried hard to steer me away from those saddles.
I want that teaberry gum thing!

Oh! And we cooked our morels for the first time using your method, and boy were we thanking you!!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Looks like an excellent auction. I agree, the teaberry gum thingy is cool! PW is sure to check out the blacksmith items... I was trying to describe the items from another room, but he's gonna have to see for himself. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah and Jack said...

I havent forgotten abou tthe need for photos of that iron piece! WIll get it to this week.

Mel said...

Fun stuff! I've never been to an auction, they don't hold them here in Utah. Thanks for posting the beautiful day!