Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

The 3 day weekend started with an almost double header. Well Brady's team had to make up an inning for a game that had been cancelled earlier in the week due to lightening.

It's always fun to watch 7 year olds play ball. The last game he played, they lost by 1 run. 35-34 I think.

Isn't he a cutie in his catchers outfit?

Saturday our 39th anniversary! We left the house about 8:00 AM, early for us. We went to Artichoke Annie's Antique Mall. They were having an outdoor flea market.

I loved the patriotic cistern pumps.

Then I saw this rusty old witch's hat electrical fixture. Makes me wonder, if mine that I showed you in my Friday's blog will look like this in years to come.

Cute little children wooden folding chairs. But I passed on them too.

Two red Coca cola folding chairs. But I didn't need them.

All we left with, no let me rephrase that, all BT left with was a $5 hammer and a $1 butcher knife. I left empty handed. We spent an hour or more browsing. It was then on to Bass Pro and Harbor Freight.

For lunch we stopped in Chili's. My sister had given me a gift card for my birthday in February. Little did she know it would buy us our anniversary dinner! Thanks Lona.

I got 3 to-go desserts in what looked like over sized shot glasses. We took the back country roads to see my Mom in her new residence. I hadn't told you all, but we moved her to assisted living last Monday. She is loving it. Just like today when I called her on her cell phone (after she didn't answer her room phone), she said in a whisper "I'm playing B I N G O, I'll call you later". We are so glad she adjusted quickly there.

Here is her antique cedar chest. One of many things she did not take. I need to remember to write down the name of the company that made it. I'd like to research it. I know she had it years and years.

Here is a 50 lb blue catfish that the son (on the right) caught on a line in the Missouri River today. It was all he and Mike could do to haul it into the boat. It will be some good eating.

As for us this Memorial weekend, we usually get to take this beauty on the river.

However, this is what it looked like all day today and even some of yesterday. Rain. Currently we have an inch and half in the gauge. More is on the way.

If you are wondering what to get dear old Dad for Father's day maybe you can check the Blacksmith out.
Hope you all had a great 3 day weekend.

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Mel said...

HOLY CATFISH Batman!! I've never seen a fish that big, I'm not a fisherman, but wow!!

Your stroll through the flea market sounded nice and watching kids play ball is the best!